Enter to win Australian Natural Soap – 3 Winners – ends 1/03/13

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Posted: 23 December 2012

Welcome to the Australian Natural Soap Event brought to you by Lisa from The Consumer Adviser and promoted by a topnotch group of bloggers.

Those of us that live in the U.S. can surely appreciate the depth of
the struggling economy.  Many of us fight just provide our families with
the basic necessities.  Yet, none of us want to sacrifice the health of
our loved ones by providing cheap unsavory foodstuff or personal care
products.  When it comes to cleaning products I have been using basic white distilled vinegar and baking soda.  A true classic.

Soap is a necessity, ya gotta have soap.  I actually love soap, the good soap not the stuff that’s available in supermarkets or drug stores. Sure it’s cheap, but it’s also garbage.   I recently discovered Australian Natural Soap.  What makes their soaps so exceptional is the natural ingredients.  You won’t find animal fats or hash astringents that dry out the skin.  Oh, but lets not forget about the unpronounceable chemicals and fillers contained in traditional bar soaps.  Not the kind of stuff I want my family using.

In stark contrast Australian Natural Soaps contain plant oils and
botanicals. The soaps are available in both vegan and vegetarian
formulations.   No nasty animal fat.

French Milled Soap equals longer lasting soaps

You can purchase craft soaps for only three dollars each.  That really is a remarkable value for the quality.  Want an even greater savings? purchase bulk soap for a total of two dollars per bar. You won’t find a better value soap for this quality.

Variety is the spice of life. There really is something for everyone as far as fragrance or type of soap.   Spa soap, luxury guest soap and even gift soaps which I feel make a luxuriously practical gift.

These soaps are a pleasure to use..they smelling amazing and won’t dry out your skin OR break your budget.  For more info visit australiansoap.com
Now for the giveaway


 Three winners will each receive their choice of the 8 count box of the wrapped soaps or the ten count box of the craft soaps.  This is up to a $32 value each.   

Use the Rafflecoptor easy entry form to enter this giveaway.    Please note:  for your tweets to count they must be open to the public and not protected. 

Australian Natural Soap Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is open to US residents only and will run from 12/23/12  through to 1/03/13 at 11:59 PM (eastern time).


13 Comments on “Enter to win Australian Natural Soap – 3 Winners – ends 1/03/13

  1. Heather Martin

    The melon & strawberry would smell wonderful. I am always a sucker for lavender and vanilla anything. Honeysuckle and chamomille are good relaxers. Oatmeal and milk is good for your skin.


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