10 Affordable Gifts for the Edgy Fashionista in Your Life

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Posted: 19 December 2017

As clothing prices are constantly climbing, it can be hard to stay chic without blowing your budget. Ask any fashionista in your life and they’ll tell you it’s getting harder to stay trendy. That’s why you might have a hard time finding affordable gifts for fashionistas this holiday season.

But as chic fashion becomes mainstream, accessories can be a smart and affordable way for fashionistas to make a statement. Everyone is looking for simple ways to save money on clothing. A bold pair of earrings with a simple black turtleneck can say more than a $500 leather jacket.

Before you worry about breaking the bank, try brainstorming some clever ways to excite your friends and family for a low price. Check out these 10 gifts for fashionistas that are sure to please.

1. Chic Sunglasses

No matter the weather or the season, a great pair of sunglasses is a must have for fashion forward people. They’re a great way to make a bold statement without having to fold them into your outfit. Sunglasses that stand out are just as good as ones that fit the outfit.

Think about what kind of style your fashionista has. Are they big and bold or subtle and mysterious? A big, chunky, colorful pair can pop on with a winter coat or a sundress.

2. Trendy Mules

There are a time and a place for every kind of shoe. Slip on loafer mules can make a subtle statement with a very basic black dress or a pair of pants.

If you know your gift recipient’s shoe size, you can take a risk and buy an inexpensive pair of slip-ons that they’ll fall in love with at first sight.

3. Unique Phone Cases

It’s likely that your fashionista has one of the coolest looking phone cases around. Or maybe they just got a new phone and haven’t picked out the perfect case yet.

Try a cool and subtle case or help them stand out with a mixed material embroidered case.

4. Faux Fur Stole

Nothing feels better than fur. Nothing can make you feel as guilty as fur. That’s why fake fur will always be the number one choice for fashionistas.

That’s also why a fake fur stole is one of our top choices in affordable gifts for fashionistas. They look great, feel great, and attract attention without the guilt.

5. Great Gloves

You need two features for a great pair of gloves in this era: they have to look great and they can’t restrict phone usage. If you’re waiting for the bus or the train out in the cold, you might need to read or change the music while out in the cold.

Why should you have to take off your gloves just to open a text?

Finding a fashionable pair of gloves that are also conducive enough to let you use your phone is a must.

6. Earrings That Make A Statement

A pair of diamond might turn heads but they also might go unnoticed when you’ve got a hood or a hat on. Having a pair of earrings that can stand out against headwear is a challenge.

One of the smartest gifts for fashionistas is a great pair of statement earrings. If they want to take a break from turning heads, they can wear them with a simple dress and look like they spent hours getting their outfit together.

7. Rock Out and Stand Out

Everyone needs a great pair of headphones. Big clunky plastic headphones don’t go with every outfit. That’s why finding something that’s got a little bit of style to match their function is priceless.

Designers are helping fashionistas enjoy their favorite playlist without having to compromise their love for style. See what kinds of stylish headphones are available for your music-loving trendsetter.

8. A Modern Purse

There’s nothing better than a purse that’s as connected as you are. So many purses are stuck in the 20th century. The fashionista on your list is likely an Instagram addict who should never be left with a dead battery on their phone.

Modern purses should also protect their owners from identity theft. As an increasing number of hackers have the ability to scan cards from a few feet away, a purse lined with an RFID blocking material can ensure that your fashionista is stylish and safe.

To make sure your fashion-loving friend comes home from the club safely, try the Apt 9 Protect & Connect purse. It comes with a charger so there’s no way to not catch an Uber when they need one.

9. A Tee Like No Other

There’s something that will always be fun about a clever tee shirt. No matter what the occasion, a smart and funny tee can be matched with pants and a blazer or jeans and sneakers. A great shirt will make them look good under any circumstances.

B-Side Buttons out of Brooklyn, NY has something for everyone. Whether your fashionista loves classic hip hop and R&B or 80s punk, B-Side has it. They often throw in a little swag pack with every order on top.

10. Simple Jewelry

Buying jewelry for someone can be a challenge and a risk. No matter how well you know someone, it seems like no two people have the same taste in jewelry. When looking for gifts for fashionistas, keep it simple.

A simple engraved necklace from Baublebar is a great option for a gift that looks expensive without actually being expensive. Impress your fashionista and come out a hero with a simple gift like this.

If you know them really well, think about getting something wild like a grill. There are some inexpensive options from Rois D’or that will wow everyone.

Simple Rules for Gifts For Fashionistas

When shopping for fashionistas there are a few simple rules.

  • Avoid getting them something they already have
  • If it seems too expensive, it probably is
  • Keep it simple

Follow these tips and you’re sure to impress everyone on your list. If you’re still struggling with gift ideas, feel free to check out our premium giveaways to find something for your fashionista and your other loved ones this holiday season.


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