10 Awesome Easy Home Decorating Hacks

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Easy Home Decorating

Posted: 29 December 2017

There are Pinterest tips for easy home decorating a mile long, but let’s get real: decorating your house is a pain.

It can also be expensive if you decide to have someone else do it for you.

You’ve got an artsy side. Explore it. Here are 10 great DIY home projects to get you started.

1. DIY Geometric Painted Rug

Simple rug. Painter’s tape. Paint.

Et voila: the best (and most unique) geometric painted rug in the neighborhood.

Be warned, the carpet types you choose for this project matter. Since you’re putting on a pattern yourself, you’ll want a more understated rug that will take the paint well.

2. Turn Your Necklaces into Tiebacks

Got some old statement necklaces that just aren’t your style anymore? Inherited some wild costume jewelry from your mom or grandma that you can’t wear but can’t bear to part with?

When we said easy home decorating, we meant it. As easy as opening your jewelry box.

For the best tiebacks, you’ll want to treat your living room like you’d treat your outfit. Any old necklace will look tacky – your best bet is long statement necklaces with a lot of crystals of the same color.

3. Decorate Doors with Ceiling Medallions

Ever thought your door was missing a little something?

Turns out that little something was a ceiling medallion.

Before you run to Home Depot, make sure to measure the door in question so the medallion will actually fit. You’ll be centering the medallion around the doorknob, so more centered knobs will serve you best.

4. Contrasting Trim

This should be at the top of your list of easy home decorating tips – it’s relatively easy and it makes a big pop.

When you take an overlooked architectural detail and introduce it to some bold paint, it makes for a dramatic effect.

Colors that contrast but compliment work best here – off-white walls with charcoal trim, for example, make for a great combination. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to pair light with dark

Just don’t go nuts. Navy and bright white, for example, can look tacky if you’re not careful.

5. Work Stylish Vignettes

This one is less about the crazy things you can make with glue, paperclips and Pinterest and more to do with how you work the pieces you have.

It’s as much an art as choosing the right statement pieces.

When you’re constructing a side table, for example, always consider what you want to be the highlight. Say you’ve got a playful white elephant lamp that you place to one side and some coffee table books that form a pedestal for a knickknack.

Think of it this way: in these small spaces, you’re telling a small story with a design. Consider what you want that story to be in the context of the rest of the room.

6. Sunburst Mirror

Wood shims, spray paint, a round mirror and a lot of Gorilla glue. All you need for a knockout sunburst mirror.

Oh, and patience. Hours and hours of patience.

Alright, confession time: as easy home decorating goes, this one veers toward the time-consuming end of the spectrum. You’re going to spend more time than you realized you were willing to spend gluing wood shims.

Pro tip: remember the looks on people’s faces when you tell them you made that mirror. It makes all that glue worth it.

7. Shutter Side Table

This is one of those classic Pinterest projects for a reason. It screams DIY style connoisseur, especially if you do it correctly.

You’ll want four wood shutters of the same size. They don’t need to be four of the same shutters if you want even more of a statement, but they have to all be evenly sized in width and height.

Oh, you’ll also need 8 art canvas stretchers, 16 screws and a piece of glass. Click to check out the full tutorial.

In the market for shutters? We’ve got a list of five adorable (and affordable) ones.

8. Wild Patterned Dresser

Turns out that IKEA dresser isn’t as dull as you thought it was!

This can be as complicated or breezy as you want it to be. For super easy home decorating, you can go a long way with a coat of paint and pretty knobs.

On the other hand, the more adventurous among us can drive themselves nuts with a stencil and gold paint.

For a sense of where to get started (and what projects you’re mentally prepared for) check out this list of ways to makeover an IKEA dresser.

9. Stenciled Drop Cloth Valances

Now when someone asks you where you got that fabric, you can be assured you won’t walk into their house to discover they’re a rotten copycat.

For best results with this project, your best bet is to decide ahead of time what you want to stand out – the painted stencil pattern or the fabric. Either go for a neutral drop cloth with a bold paint or a statement color fabric with a softer stencil.

You also don’t want to choose something that will overwhelm you or the stencil. Pick a stencil that won’t drive you mad to reapply in a pattern across the valance.

10. Junk Wind Chimes

Love skeleton keys or charming, oddball vintage kitsch pieces? Can’t figure out what to do with them?

With some lengths of chain and a pair of pliers, all that stuff could easily become a wind chime.

The key here is to find junk-drawer pieces that look good together and sound good together. The best way for a pretty sound is to include a few old chandelier crystals. Variety is also the spice of your wind chime – think pieces of varying sizes, shapes and colors.

Fair warning: these pieces will rust if you keep them outdoors. If that’s not the look you’re hoping for, hang it indoors in front of an open window.

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Easy Home Decorating

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