10 Creative Ways to Give Red Roses

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Red Roses

Posted: 19 January 2018

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, which might leave you thinking about how you can creatively wow your partner.

Among all of the things to do for a lover to show your admiration and love, roses will always stand the test of time as the most classic option.

However, anyone can stop by the local florist on the way home from work and bring home a bouquet. The key is giving red roses in a creative, unsuspecting way. There is nothing more romantic than getting a gorgeous bouquet of flowers when one isn’t expecting them.

We’ve done the research for you and have compiled a list of our favorite ways to deliver roses to your loved one:

1. Mix It Up

One of the best ways to deliver red roses is in an array of other flowers. Because roses can be costly, mix them in with a huge assortment of more affordable wildflowers.

This is a fun, flirty take on the classic bouquet. You’re still giving her the reds she is dreaming of for the special occasion, but with it, she is getting a slew of other beautiful flowers as well.

Furthermore, the bouquet will look much larger and more full. The red roses will be the star, and the more affordable wild assortment will sit nicely as the ensemble players in the background.

Give the roses the backdrop they deserve with this creative fresh take on the classic red bouquet.

Roses for weddings also benefit from this full, assorted, flower theory.

2. You’ve Got Mail

Anyone can hand deliver a lovely flower arrangement. However, there is no surprise element there once they’ve been seen. Plus, you’ll usually have to enter the room after work with one hand behind your back like in all the classic commercials, which is a dead giveaway.

Here’s a thought: consider her mailbox. If she lives in an apartment complex or you live together in a home, her mailbox will be available to you. Secretly go find her mailbox and stick the flowers in it and arrange them in a way that is pleasing to the eye upon opening.

She’ll be surprised and as ever when she goes to get her mail and instead of boring bills, she finds beautiful red roses. Plus, you’ll have all the fun watching her from the window as she slips back into the house with glee.

3. Food Fun

Surprise him with red roses over your favorite meal. If it’s the weekend, place red roses around a beautiful breakfast of french toast, bacon, and eggs. There’s nothing better than a fantastic brunch surrounded by beautiful flowers.

This has a fantastic surprise element. Your loved one will smell the wonderful breakfast as it wafts through the air, and they’ll know what’s coming. But when they arrive at the breakfast table, they’ll lose their breath as they see beautiful red on the white linens.

4. Garland of Red Roses

Garlands are appropriate for many seasons, not just Christmas. Use ribbon or well-made craft string, and tie the roses every few inches or so along the string. Soon you’ll have a garland of beautiful flowers.

You can place the garland around door frames, or above their headboard in the bedroom. For a morning surprise, sneak into the bathroom in the middle of the night and hang them over the vanity mirror.

5. Adam and Eve It

Much like our mystical ancestors who wore tiny fig leaves, you too can get into the natural spirit. If you really want to get creative, make a fig leaf style covering for your private section made of roses.

Or, simply prepare yourself well by showering and body grooming. Take into consideration the schedule of the one you are trying to surprise. Then, undress, place the beautiful roses in front of body parts you want to surprise them with and wait for them to walk in the door.

This is not only a creative way to deliver roses, it’s an exciting one. Just make sure no one else is scheduled to come into the house or apartment other than the one you are expecting.

6. Dessert Rose

Prepare your loved one’s favorite dessert. Buy a beautiful arrangement of red roses, and put them on top of the desert. This works especially well with a chocolate cake.

You can also put roses on top of individual cupcakes, or put them on a pound cake. You can dress up lemon bars with the petals. You can also arrange the roses so they are protruding from a whip cream topping.

7. Car Seat

Leave roses in the driver seat of your lover’s car. They will be elated to open their door for work one groggy morning to find a beautiful sign of love.

If you really want to go the extra mile, leave a fresh cup of hot coffee in there as well.

8. Shower Power

To help your loved one soothe away a tough day or backaches, prepare a lovely bath for them. Shower the top of the water with rose petals. This will create a sexy atmosphere for a potential wonderful night, not to mention the nice aroma to bathe in.

Don’t be afraid to be heavy handed in the petal dropping. Cover the water generously. Then leave a few roses with stems still on the bath mat, just watch your step!

9. During Dinner

If you’ve made a reservation for dinner, do some groundwork with your waiter. Drop by early and meet with the waiter of the section you’ll be sitting at. Hand him the flowers and ask him to deliver it to your table later that night.

This option is creative and has rich, luxe, thoughtfulness written all over it.

10. Gym Bag

A gym bag might be an odd place to put flowers, but if nothing else it’ll make a smelly bag smell great. If your lover is a workout fanatic, put them in their workout bag and they’ll never see it coming.

Fire It Up

Roses are a beautiful way to spice up your relationship and show your love. These ten ways are sure bet to surprise your lover with creativity.

Everyone loves a bouquet of roses, but it’s all about how they’re delivered that makes the lasting memory. Go the extra mile. You don’t have to spend more, you just have to think more.

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Red Roses

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