10 Daily Life Hacks Every Woman Should Know

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Life Hacks for Women

Posted: 10 January 2018

Ladies, we all know we make it look easy. How do we look like runway models while simultaneously finishing our bonus project and being the world’s greatest mom?

Sometimes, life isn’t easy as a woman. But we all have our secrets.

For some women, it’s in their daily routine. For others, they reach that level between caring too much and caring too little. Others rely on daily life hacks to achieve their supermodel/super-career/supermom/superwoman status.

Here are 10 daily life hacks that will make your life a lot easier. Now you can honestly say, “I make it look easy!”

1. Laundry Hacks

Did you forget to wash your work clothes again? Or did your dinosaur-era washing machine finally give out?

Whether you’re lazy or your washing machine is a thing of the past, remember some of these helpful laundry daily life hacks to preserve your clothes.

The quickest way to deodorize clothes is by sticking them in the freezer. Fold them in a plastic bag and leave your clothes in the freezer overnight. Leave them out to warm up, and your clothes will be odor-free.

Want to wear your favorite shirt but notice there are armpit stains? Lemon juice and baking soda will do the trick.

2. Homemade Decor

Do you have an eye for interior design but not a lot going on in your wallet? Or are you just a crafty girl? Get ready to indulge in some homemade decor daily life hacks.

A jewelry stand can be made out of the bottom of one liter Mountain Dew bottles. With the power of creativity and the good deed of recycling, you can turn any old bottle into a soap dispenser.

Not an artsy person? Print out a cool photo or make simple word art and frame it.

3. Use Paint to Organize

Which key goes to my house and which one goes to my boyfriend’s house? Which mug was it that nearly caused a fire in my microwave? And what did I do with my cell phone?

It’s easy to be forgetful and lose things. But you never forget to be artsy.

What’s the best way to combine your inner-child-love of painting and being a grown woman? Use paint to remember those easy-to-forget things.

Paint your house key your favorite color and paint your boyfriend’s key his favorite color. Use obnoxious glitter and foil art on the mug you can’t place in the microwave. Turn your phone case into a neon frenzy so you can always find it.

4. Pro Makeup While Being Frugal

Want to avoid spending about $50 on foundation?

Turn the blow dryer on high and blow it into your foundation bottle. This helps melt the foundation, so you get a few more uses out of it.

Instead of getting expensive eyeliner, use powder immediately after applying eyeliner. The powder sets the oils under your eyes, so no worrying about running or disappearing eyeliner.

5. Make Shoes More Comfortable

There’s no need to bruise your poor feet in your new shoes.

To break them in, wear a thick pair of socks with the shoes. Take a blow dryer and blow the air on the tighter areas. Do this until the shoe becomes more comfortable.

You can also finally get use out of those uncomfortable flip-flops. Wrap fabric around the thong part so it doesn’t rub on your feet.

6. Store Extra Money

Being an independent woman takes a lot of hacks. You work hard for your money, so you need to protect it and save it for purposes such as cool care heating and air heating repair.

Take an old lipstick tube, clean it out, and wrap up a $100 bill for safekeeping.

Not a makeup girl? Do the same, but with an empty tube of chapstick.

Other hidden money daily life hacks include an unused vase (stick a couple of fake plants in there to be safe) and an old electronic stuffed animal (shove the money where the batteries would go).

7. Put on a Bracelet by Yourself

Stick one side of the bracelet on your skin with a piece of tape. This makes it easier to connect the bracelet.

You can also lean your wrist against your chest, so one side of the bracelet is held up while you attach the bracelet.

Still too difficult? Attach both ends of the bracelet with a paper clip.

8. Preserve Your Jewelry

What’s the best way to preserve your jewelry?

Paint it with clear nail polish. The nail polish prevents your jewelry from tarnishing and losing color or quality.

Make your gold jewelry shine with beer. Soak gold in a light ale to break down dirt.

To preserve silver and brass jewelry, combine a small amount of ketchup on a cloth and buff over your jewelry. Wipe with a damp cloth.

9. Get Girly with Cables

Did you forget which cable or cord goes to what? Organize them with ribbons.

Gather up the cord and tie it with ribbon. You can write little notes such as ‘phone charger’ or ‘HDMI cord’ to separate each cord from each other.

Don’t have ribbons? Hair ties work just as well.

10. Put That Old Eyelash Curler to Good Use

Did you receive an awful eyelash curler as a free perk from a beauty store? What about that beauty kit and mascara bundles that come with the complimentary eyelash curler you never use?

Time to put that eyelash curler to good use: as a bottle opener.

Yep–crack open a cold one with the girls using your eyelash curler.

Are You Ready to Use These Daily Life Hacks?

Who knew you can do so much with Mountain Dew bottles, safety pins, and hair ties?

DIY tips and daily hacks are a cheap and convenient way to get the job done. You can create your whole home decor with simple supplies or you can do pro makeup with simple tricks.

With these hacks, being glamorous doesn’t take a lot of time and money. Being a little crafty and taking some time out of your day is all you need to live more conveniently.

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Life Hacks for Women

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