10 Easy Wood Projects You Can Totally DIY

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Posted: 16 November 2017

Nothing makes a house a home with beautiful interior design accents.

You may love finding eccentric pieces to bring back from travels or funky thrift store finds.

But, did you know there are plenty of things you can DIY?

Do it yourself projects open doors to design creativity you might not even know you have. You can do anything from reusable life hacks to impressively easy wood projects.

Here are ten things you can do with the right pieces of wood and a little imagination.

The Best Wood Projects

1. Wall Art

Take your wall details to the next level with small wood panels.

You can create simple shelves or play with funky designs like squares and triangles.

Maybe make them different sizes to have some more fun!

2. Mirror Frames

Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the craftiest of them all?

With the right pieces of wood and adhesives, you are.

Wooden frames turn any mirror from boring to bold.

3. Wardrobe Wonders

Every beautiful full-length mirror belongs next to an organized wardrobe.

Expand your closet space with some pieces of wood and an afternoon of crafting. You can make the space your shoes need or a place to hang special seasonal clothes.

If you’re feeling adventurous, make a mobile wardrobe with wheels.

Don’t worry, it’s not hard to figure out. Just research how to measure caster and find the one with the right weight requirements.

You’ll thank yourself for the effort when you want to redesign your room and move this big piece of furniture.

4. Coffee Holders

Every coffee addict has their favorite morning mug. Why not store it on a cute shelf?

With the right DIY eye, you can totally make this happen.

Hang your mugs on cute hooks or line them up in a special cubby.

5. Wine Racks

If you have fun making your coffee holder, take your wood projects to the next level for your wine bottles.

This can be as simple as a sturdy board and pegs. Add some leather loops and ta-da, it’s a wine wonderland.

Or, take your time to craft something special.

You can turn a shelf into a wine holder with a little extra wood and some more skills.

6. Candle Holders

You can’t break out the wine glasses without lighting a few candles.

Wooden candle holders may sound counterintuitive. But, they are beautiful when made with safety in mind.

You can make shelves with metal holders for the candles.

Or, take a tree bark and cut small circles for mini candles. Separate the flames from the wood with glass and you’re all set.

7. Book Shelves

Another way to add a cozy feel to your creations is making a bookshelf.

Bookshelves are the perfect display area for pictures and special souvenirs as well as good reads.

If you have a tight corner or small space, a homemade project is the way to go.

8. Toy Stands

Do your little ones always lose their favorite toys?

Make a toy stand together so they appreciate having a place to put everything.

This is not just a fun project, it’s a chance to bond and teach an important lesson.

9. Table Tops

Families with multiple kids may need to make more space at the dinner table.

Don’t spend your money on what you can do yourself. Measure the perfect wooden panel and turn it into a lovely table.

You can custom design it to fit all your family needs. Maybe even make a booth on one side and chairs on the other.

10. Cozy Benches

If you’d rather start with a smaller project, try making a bench.

Wooden benches work anywhere in the home. You can use it to tie together your living room or take it outside on the porch.

Wherever it goes, you’ll feel well-rested knowing it was made with love.

Take on Beautiful Wood Projects

The best design elements come from the heart.

No one knows your home like you do, so why not build a custom piece for it?

Who knows, you might end up falling in love with DIY decor.

You can do much more with wood projects like plant holders and headboards. If you do make something for the bedroom, try to make the environment even cozier.

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