10 Great Tips for Helping Get Organized Using Storage Bins

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Storage Bins

Posted: 26 December 2017

No matter who you are, if you live anywhere long enough, you’re going to create some kind of clutter. While it can be good to know you have all the things you need close at hand, clutter also causes stress. One of the smartest solutions to get that clutter out is to start organizing with storage bins.

Storage bins can be made out of heavy-duty plastic, fabric, or cardboard. The materials you choose should depend on where you’re storing them and what you’re storing in them. Family photos shouldn’t be stored in cardboard bins in a basement, as they’re likely to be destroyed.

If clutter has your brain a little foggy, that’s understandable. You might not know where to begin with storage bins. To get you started, here are 10 tips for getting your place organized.

1. A Better Laundry Solution

If you get a hamper-sized storage bin, you can solve a problem while prettying up your space. A hamper-sized bin can be placed in the corner of the bathroom to catch towels and clothes before a shower.

They can sit in the corner of your closet and collect your dirty laundry keeping everything tidy and out of the way. Bins can also be used as a replacement for your laundry baskets. You’ll feel motivated to put your folded clothes away by having things in these tidy bins.

2. For Cozy Things

If you have a fireplace or your family tends to gather around the TV in the evenings after dinner, what better place to keep slippers and rolled up blankets?

It’s a great central place for everyone to keep their things in the places they want them while maintaining a little order in your den or living room. With the extra space, you can also stash an extra pair or two for guests. There’s nothing more inviting than a pair of slippers when you’re visiting friends and family.

3. A Shoe Bin

Having a storage bin by your door will give your guests a place to put their shoes when they visit. Since you don’t want your entryway to be crowded with dirty shoes strewn about, this is a smart way to keep things tidy but at hand.

Your basket will prompt visitors to take their shoes off and encourage them to leave them in the basket. This will cut your cleaning time down, as you won’t have dirty shoes tracking mud and dirt all around your home as guests arrive and enjoy a dinner or drink.

4. Create A Gift Basket

If you or a friend are about to celebrate a big life event, a storage bin can be an attractive and smart way to give a gift. If someone has just bought a house, a storage bin can help populate their home with the things they need while maintaining a little bit of organization.

If your friend is having a baby shower, a bin can be a great way to hold a whole bunch of the little things that people forget to buy. If you want to add nipple cream, wet wipes, bottle refills and lots of little items, this can spare you the work of wrapping everything individually. You can also give the bonus gift of a place to store all of those things they’ll need on a daily basis.

5. Teach Kids or Pets Some Skills

Lots of people have had success teaching their pets to put away their own toys when they’re done playing. If you don’t have the patience or time to spend teaching this to your dog, maybe you can start out with your kids.

Giving kids a little bit of autonomy and responsibility teaches them to take ownership of things around the house. Use soft fabric storage bins to help kids to organize their own toys when they’re done playing. Older kids can use them to store video game controllers, disks, and accessories.

Think about how a storage bin can fit with your kids’ overall bedroom design.

Another use for kids is to give them a place to find their own snacks. Place one of these bins on a lower shelf with healthy choices and when they feel like they want something, they can get something themselves. Try dried fruits or healthy crackers depending on what your kids like.

6. Road Trip

If you’re planning a road trip with your family, these can help keep things organized during those long drives. Use one for trash and another for goodies and games.

This will help with clean up and make sure nothing gets lost between the cushions of your seats.

7. Toilet Tissue

Rather than leaving guests and family to have to tear open every cabinet in the frantic search for more toilet paper, leave it out in an obvious place for them. You can have everything within arm’s reach with the right bin.

Be smart and avoid storing your bin near pipes and keep it a few inches off the ground in case of any kind of flooding.

8. Closet Organization

If you’ve got lots of accessories, storage bins are the perfect solution for keeping everything together. You can use them to keep all of your socks together, organizing belts, bowties, purses or anything else you wear to accent your look.

This will make sure everything is where you expect when you need it.

9. A Portable Junk Drawer

If you have a home office or do lots of working from home, a storage bin could be the answer to your prayers. Move around from room to room with everything you need with all of your cables, flash drives, notepads, and paper clips in one place.

10. Holiday Uses

Why go and buy an Easter basket that you’ll have to throw away in a week? Your storage bins could hold more gifts and still serve a purpose around the house.

Additionally, if you or your family like to fill a stocking so full that it falls off the wall, this could save you some spackling work. Fill a bin and skip the sock.

Storage Bins Solve Every Storage Issue

There isn’t a single storage issue you can imagine that can’t be solved by storage bins. With the variety of sizes and materials available, you can store sharp kitchen tools, delicate undergarments, or messy art supplies without an issue.

If you’re still hunting for the storage solution for you and your family, contact us. We’ve got solutions galore.

Storage Bins

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