10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Heater Maintenance in the Summer

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Heater Maintenance

Posted: 12 June 2018

It’s summer and you can’t wait to hit that beach or barbecue with your friends and family. Your heater is that last thing on your mind.

But it won’t be the last thing you think of when the weather gets cools and you find out there’s a problem.

It’s inevitable you’ll want to use your heater during the cooler months, so why not make sure it’s ready to be used before those months arrive?

Performing heater maintenance is probably not high on your summer to-do list. But it’s actually one of the best things you can do during the warmer months.

But you don’t need your heater until the end of the year, why bother with it now? Keep reading and we’ll tell you ten reasons why maintaining your heater during the summer is a great idea.

1. Regular Maintainance Prevents Problems

While maintenance can’t prevent all problems you may have with your heater, it will surely prevent a lot of them. And it will give you a heads up when issues arrive.

You can wait until you have an obvious problem, but it’s much better to try to prevent them before they show up. If you wait for problems to make themselves visible, chances are your problems will be bigger when arrive.

The purpose of maintenance is prevention, so use it to your advantage. You don’t want to be dealing with a broken furnace at a time when you want to use it.

Maintenance tasks don’t have to take you long, but they have powerful preventative powers. When full-blown issues arrive, it may take a day or two before technicians can fix the issue.

This could mean a couple days without heat.

Going without heat in the summer isn’t an issue. Being without it in the winter is a whole other ball game. Make sure you aren’t caught unprepared by getting your heater ready before you need it.

2. Waiting Could Be a Safety Issue

If a heater isn’t properly maintained, you may face some safety hazards. Throughout the year, dust accumulates in the workings of your heater, and it doesn’t just disappear when the heater’s not in use.

Out of mind doesn’t mean it can’t cause problems.

Issues related to accumulated dust can arise any time of year, so get a jump on them before they have the chance to wreak havoc.

Clean ducts during the summer to make sure they are free from dust and other particles or debris. Keeping these clear will help your heater run more smoothly, and it will also make the air in your home cleaner.

Some HVAC systems use the same vents for both air conditioning and heating. You don’t want to be blowing all that dust from the cold months into your home with your air conditioning. Make sure you clean out those vents.

Gas leaks are a concern with heaters as well. As you perform maintenance tasks, make sure you don’t have any leakage problems. If you do, get them taken care of right away.

3. You Want Peace of Mind

Winter is a busy time of year with holidays, family events, shopping, and countless other things. Maybe you’ve finally got back into a schedule after getting the kids back to school.

Whatever you have going on, you don’t want to be worried about heating your home. Especially if you’re the one who’ll be hosting any of those family events you have planned.

Make sure you know your heater works ahead of time. And make sure it’s running well. Don’t just assume everything is fine. Find out if your heater has any issues, then get them fixed.

Procrastinating will only land you in a situation you don’t want to be in, potentially panic mode. Avoid stressing yourself out and give yourself the peace of mind of knowing your heater is in tip-top shape.

4. Energy Bills Rise As Efficiency Drops

You’ve probably invested a significant amount of money in your heating system. Even if you didn’t, you’re likely paying a lot to run it during the cold months. To cut the costs of running your heater, you want the most efficient system possible.

Performing regular maintenance on your heater will help keep it running smoothly. The better your heater runs, the more efficient it is for you. Why not save yourself some money?

Motor issues, leaking pipes, or a bad burner all decrease the efficiency of your heater. Keep your heater efficient by making sure these components can run using as little energy as possible.

5. Technicians are More Available During the Summer

Since most people aren’t thinking about heating their homes during the summer, technicians will be much more accessible. If you wait until the colder months, that won’t be the case.

You don’t want to be scheduling professional help at the same time everyone else is. You’ll probably end up waiting and working with their schedule if that’s the case.

If you wait until winter to get your heater fixed, you’ll likely have to wait a day or two to get your heat up and running again. Your wait probably won’t be that long during the summer. And even if it is, you don’t need your heater, so it doesn’t matter.

6. You Can Know For Sure and Plan Ahead

Peace of mind is one benefit that comes from knowing the status of your heater, but there are others as well.

It’s easy to fall into the rut of assuming everything is fine because your heater seemed to work just fine last year. Take the effort to find out for sure.

Once you know the status of your heater, you’ll have time to think about what to do about any issues that were found.

If you find a problem with your heater in the winter, you’ll feel pressured to get it fixed immediately. If you find out in the summer, you’ll have more time to figure out a plan of action.

Heater repairs can be costly, so you may need time to budget money to cover the repairs.

7. You Aren’t Using Your Heater

Summer is the perfect time to perform maintenance your heater because you’ve already turned your heater off. Using the summer months for heating repairs is especially helpful when the fixes might take some time.

Take advantage of the downtime to perform maintenance yourself, and to bring in a professional if you need one.

8. Your Heater Will Live Longer

It takes a lot of work for your heater to heat your home, so you want to give it all the help you can. Proper maintenance will keep your heater running as well and as long as possible.

You can extend your dollars, as well as your comfort, but doing all you can to keep your heater going. A well-running heater does its job, and it saves you money in repair costs, so do the simple stuff to keep it running.

Your heater will undoubtedly suffer some wear and tear from normal use, but it doesn’t need to take the added beating of working harder than it needs to. Give your heater it’s the best chance at living longer by performing simple maintenance tasks.

9. You’ll Have a Reminder

Having a set time to perform maintenance each year will help you to remember to do it. Establish a habit of checking up on your heater each summer, and you’ll never forget to do it again.

As part of your routine, consider a regular professional checkup for your heater. Some things won’t be caught by you, so bring in some extra help to make sure your heater is in the best shape possible.

Each part of your heating system is important, and each should be in good working order. Bringing in a professional once a year will help make sure of this.

Whether one thing needs repair or replacement, or your whole unit does, you’ll be glad you found out early in the year, not later. If you do need a new unit, heating installations should be done by a professional.

10. Cold Comes Quickly

Whether we like it or not, the cold months come on quickly. Sometimes the cold arrives before we’re expecting it.

If you’ve already got your heater ready to go, this won’t matter! You’ll be prepared for whenever the cold front arrives. It’s always possible that the cold will arrive early, and you want to be prepared.

You also don’t want to be caught in the rush of everyone trying to book a technician. You won’t have to worry about it, because you had yours come in summer.

Instead, you’ll have time to focus on the more fun aspects of home care, like adding your heater to your home automation system.

Summer Heater Maintenance Benefits: A Summary

There are so many benefits to summer heater maintenance. We’ve touched on ten of them in this article, but you’re likely to find more as you implement this practice.

Making sure your heater is ready to be used before you need it is ideal. It saves you time, money, and stress. Save yourself the hassle by getting things taken care of early.

Whether you perform heater maintenance all on your own, you have a professional do it, or a combination of both, you’ll be glad you go it done in the summer.

Taking care of your heater early is one way you can simplify your life. For more ideas on how to make your life easier, head to our website today.

Heater Maintenance

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