10 Things Every Kid Wants In the Backyard

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Kids Backyard Ideas

Posted: 2 July 2018

Every time summer kicks in, you know you’ll be dealing with kids running around the house. Luckily, there are great backyard ideas for kids that will give them a safe and fun environment.

It is important for children to play outdoors because it boosts their health. They get Vitamin D, which is good for their bones. They improve their strength, coordination, and creativity.

Moreover, they have more fun than when they are indoors. They’ll avoid the eye problems caused by watching TV or using their tablets all day. Plus, they’ll be working up an appetite, which means they’ll eat well.

Keep reading to get some fun backyard ideas for kids.

Fun Backyard Ideas For Kids

If you are not heading for an awesome family vacation this summer, you’ll need a way to keep your kids busy. Both you and your kids will want space to do your own thing. Otherwise, stress will start building up thereby leading to conflicts.

The good news is there are many fun backyard ideas for kids that you can use. Here are 10 examples:

1. Inflatable Games

There’s a wide variety of inflatable games you can have. These include water slides, bouncing castles, and bumper balls. These games are no longer limited to fun companies. That’s because toy companies are making such games for homeowners as well.

2. Create a Bike Path

A bike path in your backyard allows your kids to ride their bikes in the safety of your home. You won’t have to worry about them being hit by a car in the front porch.

3. Buy Them Water Cannons and Water Blasters

Buy your kids some water cannons and water blasters. Let them loose in the yard and they’ll have fun chasing each other. You’ll need to dry them off later though so they don’t get sick.

4. Set Up a Trampoline

By now, you know your kids will jump up and down all day. Why not get them a top rated trampoline for kids? These outdoor trampolines come with safety pads and safety enclosure nets. They’ll ensure your kids can jump safely and have fun.

5. Make Backyard Forts

Work with your kids to build backyard forts for them. They like having a special place, which they are in charge of.

6. Install a Swimming Pool

You can never go wrong with a swimming pool. Kids love water and they’ll enjoy swimming or engaging in water sports. They can also relax on floater beds.

7. Give Them a Gardening Set

If your kids enjoy helping you with gardening, consider getting them a gardening set. You can help them plant and care for their own crops and flowers. This practice will make them love nature.

8. Clear Space for a Speedminton Game

A Speedminton game is a cross between tennis and badminton. Thus, clear some space in the yard for the game. If you have many kids, they can form teams and compete against each other. They could also play against their friends when they visit.

9. Connect a Swing or a Zip Line

Consider connecting a swing or a safe zip line for your kids to play. Make sure you put cushions, though, to prevent injury in case one of them falls.

10. Build a Mud Play Area or Sand Pit

Last, you can’t go wrong with a mud play area or sandpit. It’s easy to set up and you can leave them to their own devices. They’ll have fun building things or just rolling around. You may have some cleaning up to do later but it will be worth it.

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With these great backyard ideas for kids, your summer will be less stressful. The kids will have a lot of fun and learn new things as well. Moreover, playing outdoors will keep them active and boost their health.

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Kids Backyard Ideas

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  1. Margaret Rodriguez

    These are really great ideas for getting them involved in the physical activity rather than sticking on phones or video games.


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