10 Tips for Creating a Modern Dining Room

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Modern Dining Room

Posted: 12 June 2018

Are you looking for unique ideas to bring new life into your home? If you plan to do more than a fresh coat of paint, you might be looking at a costly endeavor. Redecorating the kitchen alone can cost upwards of $93,000!

So, what can you do to update your home without that big price tag? Well, the dining room is a far cheaper room to redecorate, and it can help your whole house look newer.

You may be wondering what it takes to make a modern dining room. Well, it’s easier than you think.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to discover 10 tips for creating a modern dining room.

1. Go for Neutrals with Pops of Bright Colors

The best modern dining room design has neutral colors for the base, such as white, black, and grey. Try to use these colors for your furniture, walls, and rugs. This will help your room look very clean and organized, which is important in any modern room.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little color. Pops of bright color can be found in flowers, fruit bowls, chair cushions or in the rug design. Just be sure not to overload your room with a rainbow of colors. Opt for just one or two accent colors to really bring your modern dining room to life.

2. Play with Full-Bodied Colors

Most rooms in your home probably have light, soft colored walls. This helps to make your home seem bigger and more inviting.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with white walls (especially if you have a small dining room) but using full-bodied colors is one of the best modern dining room ideas. Consider painting your walls a medium gray or doing a dark accent wall if you have a small room.

3. Pick Out the Best Furniture

What’s the most important part of your dining room? The furniture, of course! Dining rooms are typically a very simple room, so there’s a lot of attention to be paid on the table and chairs.

Modern dining furniture can vary quite a bit, so there’s no one correct guide to follow. Many modern dining table designs are very clean cut with straight edges and sharp corners. However, others follow a more whimsical touch with oval tables and unique chair shapes.

4. Keep it Simple

When you are choosing your modern dining room decor, try not to go overboard. While you may be able to load up your bedroom or living room with fun lamps and throw pillows, dining rooms look best when they are kept clean and simple.

One of the best ways to decorate on a budget (and to ensure your dining room looks amazing) is to invest in a nice piece of art because that’s all you’ll need to make the room look complete!

5. Find Room for a Bar Cart

Who doesn’t love a nice glass of wine with dinner?

Finding space to store your fancy wine glasses, ice buckets, and drink shakers can be a pain. It can be even harder to find ways to store your wine if you have several bottles.

A bar cart does 2 great things. Not only does it give you the perfect place to store all your alcohol and glasses, but it can give any dining room a more elegant touch.

6. Go Natural

When it comes to modern dining room decor, keep it minimal.

The best way to soften your room and make it feel more welcoming while keeping your modern design elements is to utilize mother nature.

Flowers and large corner plants make great decorations. A fruit bowl in the center of the table is also a great modern touch. While any fruit would look nice, a bowl of lemons will offer a nice pop of color.

7. Hang a Geometric Ceiling Light

While the table and chairs may be the focal point of the room, an interesting ceiling light can help bring the entire room together.

Try to have fun with your ceiling light. Find one with a bold pattern or in a geometric shape. You can even use a chandelier! The goal is to find one that goes well with your furniture but still stands out as a focal piece.

8. Opt for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are the most popular option for dining rooms, and there’s a reason why. They are easier to clean than carpets (especially if you have messy eaters at the table), but they look more sophisticated then tile or laminate.

They are also a solid color, making them the perfect blank canvas. You may want to change your dining room in a few years, and when you do, you won’t have to worry about changing your flooring too!

9. Throw in a Patterned Rug

If your dining room gets a lot of use, you might want to consider buying a rug. It’s a very practical option as it’ll help protect your beautiful hardwood floors from furniture scratches.

But who says practical can’t be stylish too? A geometric or funky patterned rug can act as one of the best modern dining room decorations. Since there’s not a lot of decor in your typical dining room, a rug can be a great place to add your own unique touch.

10. Use Light Curtains

Windows are a great way to let natural light into your home to make it seem more inviting, so you don’t want to cover them up with heavy curtains.

Instead, try replacing your old windows and opt for sheer or lightweight window dressings. Blinds can also be a great option to allow the perfect amount of light in.

How to Design a Modern Dining Room

If you want to upgrade your home, the dining room is a great place to start. It can be much cheaper than other rooms in the house, but a new dining room can make a huge impact on a home.

While there are many ways to achieve an envy-worthy modern dining room, some of the best tips include using a geometric ceiling lamp, playing with bright pops of colors, and opting for hardwood floors.

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Modern Dining Room

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