10 Tips for Finding a Reliable but Cheap Exterminator

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Posted: 28 November 2017

No one likes it when bugs, pests, and vermin invade their home. It’s common knowledge that rodents like rats and mice often carry diseases with them.

But many species of insects also carry diseases with them. Not only that, but all unwanted home invaders end up inflicting damage to the property they’ve entered.

When the problem is too large, it’s time to call in an exterminator. But they can be expensive.

Luckily, they don’t have to be. Here are 10 tips on how to find a reliable but cheap exterminator.

1. Make Sure They’re Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

A cheap exterminator isn’t worth it if they aren’t licensed, bonded, and insured. They should be all three.

Exterminators deal with potentially hazardous chemicals. They must be licensed, no matter what state they do business in.

That means the person must be over 18, have completed the course, and then passed the exam. They then receive a certificate which is good for about two years.

Ask to see the license before they do any work.

They should also be bonded and insured. A business gets bonded to protect themselves in case an employee decides to steal something from a home they’re doing work in.

Insurance is necessary in case anything is broken or anyone is injured while they are performing the work. That can mean the home-owner or an employee becomes sick or injured.

2. Ask if They Offer a Service Plan

While it would be great if extermination were a one-time deal, that’s rarely the case. When hiring a cheap exterminator, one way to lower the bill is to ask about service plans.

The home or business being serviced may actually save money by having them come back every so often. Typically, exterminators come back once every month, every four months, six months, or every year.

They can then check to see if all entry points are still covered properly and take care of any new infestations they see.

Buildings that have more than one residence or office often experience difficulties with keeping pests at bay. When this happens, it’s a lot less expensive to hire a company who can come back and continue to service the space.

If there seems to be a large infestation, it may make sense for the company to start coming once a month. After the problem begins to lessen, even a cheap exterminator should be willing to start coming less often to help lower costs.

3. Ask if They Specialize in the Pest Problem

There’s no point in hiring any old cheap exterminator. If they don’t specialize in the particular infestation, the problem isn’t going to go away.

Before hiring a local termite exterminator, ask them if they have experience in the particular infestation causing the problem. If they don’t, or they won’t answer the question, it’s time to find another company.

Ask how long their employees have been handling the type of infestation that is needed.

Also, ask what type of a treatment plan is needed before the work is done. There should be a clear outline of what type of work will be performed, including what type of chemicals will be used.

The person answering the questions should be knowledgeable and ready to answer any and all questions prior to any work being performed.

4. Make Sure They Answer All Questions Asked

No one saves money by hiring the wrong exterminator. A cheap exterminator isn’t worth the money if they don’t know what they’re doing.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible to feel comfortable hiring the company. Take a look at their website. If their website is professional and seeks to answer common questions, that’s a good sign they are a reputable company.

When asking questions, if they refuse to answer or tell you they’ll get back to you, that’s often a bad sign.

Make sure they fully understand what type of an infestation is going on in the dwelling. Then make sure they can provide a clear plan of how they will get rid of the pest problem.

Ask them about how they plan to handle preventing future infestations. If they act professionally and are happy to answer all questions, it’s a sign they’re a good company to work with.

5. Ask for Referrals and Testimonials

One way to find a cheap exterminator is to ask friends and family for referrals. Often, that means not only that they’re a great price, they’re worth every penny as well.

If there’s no one to ask for a referral, that’s okay. Go online and check out a few places for testimonials.

Places like Angie’s List and Yelp are great places to start. Read what others have written about them.

But don’t stop there. Check their website. Many times, exterminators will list testimonials right on their site.

Also, social media is a great place to find a great exterminator. While friends might not have a recommendation, their friends might.

Or just check out the exterminator’s social media page. See what they’re posting and check out how people are responding.

6. Get a Guarantee

It’s never a happy ending when hiring a cheap exterminator only for them to do half a job and then leave. Then they never return.

There’s no point in watching hard-earned money go down the drain. Get a guarantee in writing before any work is performed.

Make sure not to pay them either until there’s a contract with a guarantee.

A guarantee will help safeguard against jobs that are partially or poorly done. Just make sure that before the work is done, there’s a clear understanding of what exactly the guarantee means.

There should also be a clear understanding of what steps need to be taken if the guarantee is broken.

7. Make Sure the Lower Price Doesn’t Equate to Lower Service

There is a reason the saying “you get what you pay for” was created. But that doesn’t mean a person can’t hire a cheap exterminator and still get great service.

It does mean that the exterminator should be fully vetted before hiring them. And, after the work has started, if at any time, they aren’t performing up to the highest standards, something should be said.

Just because the cost is low, doesn’t mean the owner doesn’t have the right to speak up and say something at any point during the extermination. If something doesn’t feel right, say something sooner rather than later.

8. Even a Cheap Exterminator Should Act Professionally

Whether it’s the person on the phone or the team showing up at the door, at all times the extermination company should act professionally.

That means happily showing proper identification when asked. It means answering any and all questions thoroughly.

It also means wearing proper clothing and looking presentable. Even a cheap exterminator should take his or her business seriously.

If they don’t, it’s a sign they aren’t worth the money, no matter how cheap their prices are. Keep looking until a cheap exterminator is found that has the look and feel of a more expensive company.

9. Recommendations to Prevent Further Infestations Should Be Provided

No one wants an ongoing infestation on their property. However, there are cases where that might happen.

The cheap exterminator should make the owner aware that there may be an ongoing issue. But they should also take it one step further.

There are plenty of steps the owner of a residence or office building can take to prevent further infestations.

Simple steps like decluttering both indoors and outdoors so that rats and other rodents can’t create new nests. Both piles of newspapers and piles of leaves are potential breeding grounds for these pests.

Or placing all dry foods in plastic, glass, or tin containers to prevent pests from obtaining another food source. Even finding where moisture and leaks are coming from can help eliminate bug infestations.

If bed bugs are the problem, a new mattress may need to be purchased.

A good exterminator will also tell the owner where unwanted pests are entering their dwelling. They’ll also share tips on how to cover those entryways by using household items like steel wool.

10. Ask What Chemicals are Used

Chemicals are often a necessary part of using an exterminator. Bugs especially are more resistant than ever and stronger chemicals are needed to kill them permanently.

However, these chemicals may be harmful to humans or their pets. Before they do any work, feel free to ask them what chemicals they’re planning on using.

It may be that a pet sitter is required for the pets while the extermination is taking place. Some pets are very sensitive to chemicals and may have a poor reaction.

A cheap exterminator shouldn’t rely on cheap chemicals. Their chemical containers should be labeled.

The containers should also look clean and professional, not like they were made in some basement lab. Go one step further by requesting the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) as well as the specimen label for each chemical used.

Sit Back and Relax

Once the right cheap exterminator has been hired, it’s time to sit back and relax. Let them do the work they were hired to do.

In the meantime, keep checking out what new items have been listed. It may be the perfect item to help keep pests away for good.

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