12 Important Things to Do When You Move

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Things to Do When You Move

Posted: 17 July 2018

Moving is one of life’s main stressors. Nearly 2 out of 3 people claim it as being more stressful than going through a divorce or starting a new job.

There’s a lot to think about when you’re preparing for a move. But there are a few things to do when you move that can help you manage all of the stress.

We’ve got the 12 most important steps to take so you can have a nearly stress-free move into your new place.

1. Don’t Leave It Til The Last Minute

Procrastinators of the world, suppress the urge.

Moving is one thing you cannot get away with leaving until the last minute. The more you plan out, the better you will feel.

Whether you organize your packing list by room or by need, make sure to give yourself a good amount of time before moving day to get everything packed.

2. Create A Timeline

It’s a lot easier to get everything done when you have a deadline.

Create a timeline for your move so you can plan each step accordingly. And there’s a lot more to do than just pack your stuff.

This will help you stay on track with your moving checklist and keep from stressing at the last minute.

3. Hire Movers Or Enlist Friends

One key decision when you’re moving is whether you want to invest in movers or pray that your friends will come through.

Hiring a moving company is a huge help. But it definitely costs a lot. And if you’re the kind of person that likes to be in control of every detail, movers could be your worst nightmare.

Make sure to do some research on the company and consider ensuring some of your more valuable or fragile items just in case.

4. Calculate Costs

There are enough surprises when it comes to big life changes, so preparing yourself will help alleviate some stress.

Take time to do the math on how much your move will cost. Don’t forget to consider how much you have to spend on cleaning your old home before you leave.

This will help you figure out what you can afford and keep you from cleaning out your savings.

5. Prep Your New Space

Make sure to go by your new space before moving day.

You want to be sure that it’s in move-in condition. And it may even help to do any upgrades on your new place before getting all of your stuff moved in.

Painting and changing flooring are great things to get done while your future home is empty.

And if you have the time, give your new home a scrub down.

6. Think About The Boxes

While the classic cardboard box has always been a moving staple, it isn’t necessarily the best option.

Look into wardrobe boxes as well as plastic boxes that you can rent for your move. They are much better for protecting your things and can even be easier to move.

And the best part? If you rent them, once you’re done with unpacking, most companies will pick the boxes up for you.

7. Change Your Utilities

Make sure to give your utility companies a call before moving day.

Set up a change of service with each of your utility providers as soon as you know you’ve got the new home.

And don’t forget to give the postal service a forwarding address as well as change automated paper billing addresses.

8. Take Your Fragile Items First

There are some things you can’t trust anyone but yourself with.

For those sentimental items that you know you can’t have damaged, take a day to move those over yourself. This will minimize any anxiety you have on the day you move about taking care of your most meaningful items.

Don’t even risk an accident that can’t be reversed.

9. Think About Your Space

One of the most frustrating parts about moving? Moving things that you don’t actually need.

Before you start packing everything, visualize your new space. Does that coffee table fit? How about that dresser?

If you don’t have space for it, or if you aren’t in love with it, moving is the opportune time to let it go.

10. Label Everything

Avoid a move within a move.

Label all of your boxes to give yourself a general idea of where they should go. And the more detail you can give yourself, the better.

Start by writing what room the box should go in and then under list the contents. It will keep you from having to rearrange boxes once you’re in your new house. And it’s a big help when you’re not totally unpacked but need specific items.

11. Consider A Storage Unit

If you know you have more stuff than you can fit but aren’t ready to get rid of certain items, think about getting a storage unit.

It’s a great way to keep your new home from getting cluttered and have all of your thing consolidated into one space.

It can also give you a little more time to fully finish moving in if doing it all in one day is too overwhelming. If this sounds like the right fit for you, read more here.

12. Pack The Essentials Last

Being in between two homes is extremely frustrating. Especially when you can’t find your daily essentials.

Before you get on a packing frenzy, make sure to set aside the items you know you’ll lose your mind without.

Toiletries, clothing items, and chargers for phones and computers are a few basics you will want to have on hand. You can even make yourself a moving day essentials kit to keep yourself prepared for anything.

Things To Do When You Move That Keep Stress At Bay

These top 12 things to do when you move are great ways to make sure you have the most stress-free move possible. You will set yourself and your family up for success.

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Things to Do When You Move

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