17 of America’s Best Family Restaurants

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Dinner Time

Posted: 13 July 2017

Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Take the kids to some of the most family friendly restaurants in America where kids can choose meals from their own menu! Here are 17 budget friendly family restaurants with kid approved entrees.

Family Friendly Diners and Salad Bars

Salad Bars


Kids will love Denny’s space themed dinner including star shaped chicken nuggets, astronaut applesauce, anti-gravity grapes and a rocket shaped cup for their drink of choice. Fun fact, Denny’s menu will be trans fat-free nationwide by fall 2017.


IHop has five choices for kids to choose from including healthy entrees life tilapia and pancakes with a side of fruit. Kids can even create a face on their pancakes before being devoured.

Mimi’s Cafe

Kids get a free starter plate with Cheerios, oranges, and crackers. Kid’s menu options include soup and salad, spaghetti, turkey dinner with their choice of veggies, fruit, mashed potatoes or applesauce. Bibs and hand wipes are complementary, bonus!!

Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes

This cheap buffet is sure to have everything kids will eat. It features a pasta bar, 8 different soup choices, HUGE salad bar, a bakery, pizza station and even soft serve frozen yogurt.

Family Friendly Seafood, Asian & Mexican Chains


P.F. Chang’s China Bistro

The food at this chain is meant to be served family-style where everyone shares a portion of each dish, there isn’t a separate menu for kids. They do serve some kid friendly entrees; ginger chicken with broccoli, chow mein, and crab wontons. If requested the chefs will prepare noodles tossed with butter or veggies with dip on the side. Kids get special easier-to-use chopsticks and a toy to play with while they’re waiting at the table. Kids also get a pair of chopstick to eat with and take home!


Chevy’s kid’s menu includes grown up choices made simple. Fresh Mex Bean-and-cheese burritos, tacos, and flautas are with beef, cheese and sour cream are just a few of the fun eats to choose from.

Legal Sea Foods

There are 10 options on the kid’s menu, everything from grilled cheese to chicken nuggets. Some kids prefer to choose a more grown up dish like wood-grilled fish. For the kids’ who like to play with their food fish shaped ravioli are a fun option! Each dish includes a side of corn on the cob and grapes.

Family Friendly Pizza & Pasta Restaurants


Olive Garden

Mac ‘n’ cheese or spaghetti and tomato sauce made with whole wheat linguine are popular choices at the Olive Garden as well as soups, salads and of course, the kids favorite bread sticks.

The Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory has a unique family vibe. Grab a booth inside the trolley car each location has or a fun “bed booths” built from old headboards. For five dollars the non-extensive kid’s menu is a crowd pleaser with six pasta choices, each served in a trolley-themed bowl. They come with a tossed salad or applesauce, a drink, and ice cream or a juice bar.

Uno Chicago Grill

This is not your typical pizza place. It offers a kids’ menu that features grilled chicken, whole-grain penne, and health-minded sides like broccoli, apples, and mandarin oranges. Kids can even put on an apron and make their own pizza! Some locations offer character night’s and many give an apple to kids on their way out.

But really… if you don’t want to eat out but want amazing pizza, try this pizza stone. It’s amazing! Okay, now back to the list:

Cici’s Pizza

Cheap and fun the pizza buffet is perfect for a busy Friday night with the kiddos. Kids eat for $3, babies and toddlers eat for free! Besides the sixteen different pizza slices to choose from Cici’s also offers a quality salad bar at most locations.

Family Friendly Grills, Burgers & BBQ’s


Texas Roadhouse

Throw on your little kid’s boots and head over to the Roadhouse for a grown up stake and mashed potatoes. At some locations, with a side of green beans, kids get their entree served in a cowboy hat

Ted’s Montana Grill

Just like the adult menu with many different choices, kid’s meals including salmon, meat loaf, and “mac ‘n’ cheez” and are made from scratch using local ingredients when possible.

Sonny’s Real Pit BAR-B-Q

Kids will love the pulled pork, ribs, and smoked turkey on the kids’ meal that resembles the adults’ meal only smaller entrée portions and limited sides. Hand wipes are a given out to combat the spills of several different BBQ sauce flavors.

Chili’s Grill & Bar

Chili’s recently added corn, mandarin oranges and pineapple topping out their kid’s meal options to ten choices.  Entrees range from grilled chicken to pasta or pizza. Call-ahead seating available in all locations and reservations at most.

Claim Jumper

Kids have a separate menu all of their own with fifteen entrees and ten different sides. Burritos, BBQ chicken and build your own pizza are just a few of the choices. Little kids under two receive a free turkey, cheese, mandarin orange slices and applesauce plate.

Red Robin

Lots of balloons and the fun mascot make Red Robin one a kid’s favorite choices for lunch or dinner. The new kids’ menu that rolled out in February should now be chain wide. Chicken with Parmesan noodles, veggie burgers, and five side choices, including cantaloupe wedges, carrots with dip, and apple slices, are some of the new healthy choices on the kid’s menu!

Best Family Restaurants

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