3 Reasons Why A Wood Watch Is The Perfect Guy Gift

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Wooden Watch

Posted: 21 August 2017

It’s no secret that gifts are important. In fact, Americans spent a whopping average of $752 on gifts alone last Christmas.

And, yet, finding the perfect gift can be its own challenge, especially for those hard-to-shop types or for those who seemingly have everything.

Are you on the hunt for the perfect birthday, anniversary, or holiday present for the man in your life? Whether it’s for a brother, father, friend, or husband, we’ve got the perfect solution for an unforgettable gift.

Gifting one of the best wood watches on the market is a sure way to make him excited and stylish.

Let’s get into why these watches make for such awesome gifts!

Why the Best Wood Watches are Awesome

Classic, Timeless, and Undeniably Stylish

Let’s be honest. Watches are so much more than just telling time.

After all, nowadays we have smartphones and computers, and many of us rely on these handy electronics to let us know if we’re running late.

However, neither of these can replicate the classy, timeless appeal of a wooden watch.  If you’re looking for the perfect guy gift, this one is it.

After all, wood itself is timeless (think of a beautiful hardwood floor). Because of this, this gift makes quite a statement about the person wearing it. These watches are fashionable, sleek, and trendy without being flashy or obnoxious. The watch exudes a sense of power and design. And because each wood stain is inherently unique, it exudes a sense of confidence and exclusivity.

The wooden style goes well with everything. From wireless speakers to cool sunglasses, companies are using wood in more products than ever before.

Wooden watches complement any personal fashion style. From preppy to grungy to athletic to suave, they simply make for the most versatile accessory.

The Sensible Choice

Not only do wooden watches have undeniable durability, they are also kind to the environment and kind to those who may have sensitive skin.

Have you ever worn cheap jewelry and watched your skin turn green afterward? That’s the ugly result of cheap manufacturing and skin sensitivity.  With the best wood watches, you won’t have these problems.

Wood is naturally occurring, and most of these companies source their material through sustainable practices. In fact, some companies even plant a tree for every wood source it cuts down. Talk about going green!

Great gifts that make for a great environment? We’ll take that as a win-win.

Beautiful AND Affordable

It’s a myth that looking good has to be expensive. Whether you’re becoming more self-reliant or simply looking to shop on a budget, hunting down a great gift doesn’t have to hurt your wallet.

In fact, some of the best wood watches cost between $40-100. Compare this price to some watches that cost upwards of ten thousand dollars (only to need to replace parts on a regular basis). Not worth it.

Wood watches also just look expensive and prestigious. Nobody will know that it didn’t cost you a fortune. And, that’s what an ultimate gift is all about.

The Perfect Gift For a Guy

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