4 Tips For Reducing Electricity Bills

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Reducing Electricity Bills

Posted: 14 May 2018

Last year, Americans used 3.82 billion kilowatt hours of electricity. Many of them are always afraid to see what the individual charges at the end of the month will be. If you find yourself in this situation often, you need to learn a few tips for reducing electricity bills.

A rising electric bill will mess up your budget. This may force you to borrow money to fill any gaps you have. Whether you borrow or use your credit card, you’ll end up paying more due to interest rates.

Moreover, failing to pay your bill could affect your credit score. This is because your account may end up with a collection agency.

With that in mind, you need to know a few tricks on how to save on electricity. Keep reading to learn them.

Simple Tricks for Reducing Electricity Bills

In 2016, the average annual electricity bill for residential houses was about 1,345 U.S. dollars. Saving money on utilities will give you something extra to use in another part of your budget.

Here are four tips for reducing electricity bills:

1. Change Electricity Providers

Compare prices and rates between retail electricity providers. You could be paying more when another company provides better rates. Check whether they have green energy plans and products.

Talk to their customer service agents and ask if they have fixed or variable rates. Check also the customer reviews to confirm the company provides reliable services.

2. Become Eco-Friendly

The state of our houses could be the reason the bills are going up. Thus, look around and improve the insulation. Seal any holes or window leaks to keep the heat inside the home.

Consider installing solar panels. They’ll save you money because you won’t be switching on your heater every time. Use your dishwasher only when the load is full. Make sure to rinse the utensils first before putting them in the washer.

Switch off any appliances or devices that are on standby. These will use up electricity even when they’re not in use.

3. Replace Old Devices with Energy Efficient Ones

Current advances in technology mean appliances are more energy-efficient. You must replace your old devices, which are using more electricity than you’d like.

For example, LG Air Conditioners come with an Energy Star and a host of great features. They have a wireless remote controller and a large cooling capacity. The Energy Star mark means your device is efficient thereby saving you money.

Being energy-efficient is one of the ways to be thrifty. Thus, upgrade old TVs, laptops, computers, and other devices. Switch out your old bulbs and replace them with LED bulbs.

4. Set the Right Thermostat Temperatures

Lowering the temperatures on your thermostat reduces the money you spend on electricity. You should do this for your refrigerator, air conditioner, and water heater.

This does not mean you should lower the temperatures beyond reason. Do this only to the point where you still feel comfortable.

Learn More Tips and Life Hacks

Reducing electricity bills will give you money for other needs. Remember to research better rates, become eco-friendly, and upgrade old devices. Don’t forget to set your thermostat to the right temperatures.

Doing this benefits your wallet and makes you a better custodian of your environment.

Visit our website to learn more tips and life hacks.

Reducing Electricity Bills

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