5 Best North Carolina Beach Vacation Rentals

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north carolina beach vacation rentals

Posted: 2 November 2017

It’s never too early to start planning your summer vacation — especially when the colder months come around!

North Carolina has become an incredibly popular destination for tourists from all around the world. It combines local flavor with Southern Hospitality, and there’s always something exciting going on.

Looking for the ideal North Carolina beach vacation rentals? Unsure of which beach is the best fit for your family?

In this post, we’ll explore five of the state’s most popular beaches. Get ready to book your next vacation!

1. Topsail Beach

First up on our list of the top North Carolina beach vacation rentals?

The incredible Topsail Beach, which combines Southern folklore with the perfect vacation. Many locals believe that the beach got its name because pirates would hide their ships on this island. However, at times, the topsails of the ships would still be visible.

Especially if you’re looking for a quieter and less-populated beach, Topsail is the way to go. In the past, it was accessible only by boat!

Even better?

High rise development is completely banned, so you can take in the scenery without any obstructions. Looking for the perfect place to stay in Topsail? Use this directory of the best beachfront condos to help.

2. Emerald Isle

Looking to experience a little of that famous Southern Hospitality?

Then look no further than Emerald Isle, a beach town whose slogan is literally “Nice Matters.”

This is a popular vacation destination, but it still has a local feel to it. Many of the people you’ll meet split half their time between Emerald Isle and larger NC towns like Raleigh and Charlotte.

As a result, there are always lots of festivals and activities going on. The best thing to do here though, is to find North Carolina beach vacation rentals with a large deck.

This way, you can watch the stunning and colorful sunsets that Emerald Isle is famous for from your house!

If you get tired of the beach, there are lots of trails you can hike in the area. There

3. Kill Devil Hills

In spite of the somewhat spooky-sounding name, Kill Devil Hills will give you the perfect taste of small town beach life.

Plus, it’s the perfect place for those who are interested in history to visit. While many people associate the Wright Brothers first flight with Kitty Hawk, it’s more accurate to say that it took place in Kill Devil Hills!

The only reason people think it took place in Kitty Hawk? Because the township of Kill Devils Hills hadn’t yet been created!

Now, Kill Devil Hills has even been honored by the Wright Brothers Museum.

Once you’re done with your history lesson, you can enjoy two different kinds of flying: surfing and fly fishing! Both are incredibly popular activities here, and a great way to make friends with the locals.

4. Rodanthe

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect North Carolina beach vacation rentals, what’s the most important thing you look for?

For many, the chance to stay in a place where they can sample the best in Southern seafood is a serious priority.

If that sounds like you, then you’ll love the quiet beach town of Rodanthe, located on Hatteras Island.

The town has a small museum dedicated to exploring past rescue missions of the Coast Guard. This means that it’s a great place to take your children.

One of the coolest things about this quaint town?

It’s the perfect place to visit in December! While many people associate the beach with their summer vacations, you should definitely check out Rodanthe’s celebration of “Old Christmas.”

This takes place on December the 6th, and people come from neighboring cities to take part in historic celebrations and cook up some of the best seafood around!

Keep your ears open for the fascinating “Hoi Toide” (AKA “High Tide”) accents of the region. This disappearing accent combines a British and Southern accent, and is a leftover from the communities that first came over from England and Scotland.

To hear it, your best bet is to buy some fish from the local fisherman at the docks!

5. Bald Head Island

Any North Carolinian you speak to will likely have fond memories of the time they found North Carolina beach vacations rentals on Bald Head Island.

Here, it’s all about kicking back, relaxing, and of course, playing a few rounds of golf with your friends.

Beware though, that the popularity of this island spot means you’ll need to start planning and booking your vacation as early as possible.

Why is it especially popular?

Well for one, for all you cinephiles out there, Bald Head Island was the filming location of the famous movie Weekend At Bernie’s. Don’t worry though — in spite of this, the island is far from a tourist trap.

You can only get to it by taking a ferry from Southport, and most people choose to get around by golf cart instead of by cars. Most properties you rent on the island will also come with a golf cart to make traveling easier for you.

Make sure to take a picture in front of “Old Baldy,” the now decommissioned lighthouse on the island. It’s one of the oldest in the United States!

Ready to Book Your North Carolina Beach Vacation Rentals?

Thanks to this post, you now have lots of different options when it comes to which North Carolina beach you decide to spend your next vacation visiting.

Of course, the real quality of your stay all depends on your rental property while you’re there. Don’t be afraid to ask to see more pictures or to speak with past guests who have stayed there.

Also, be sure to ask when the property was last renovated, and how far away it is from the beach.

Looking for more ideas about how to get the most out of your next vacation? Need a little more travel inspiration? Hoping to score a free trip or a giveaway to help you to save some serious money?

Then be sure to spend some time on our website and blog to learn more about how to make your next vacation one you’ll never forget!

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