5 of the Best Self Defense Weapons for a Woman to Carry

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Best Self Defense Weapons

Posted: 9 July 2018

Women can never be too careful when going out alone or even in groups. It may sound a bit sexist to say, but it’s the harsh truth. As such, it’s smart for a woman to know how to protect herself.

Some women take self-defense classes and make it a point to always tell someone where they’re going. Others take matters into their own hands by protecting themselves with self-defense weapons made specifically for women.

If you’re interested in being more like the latter, check out the best self-defense weapon options listed below.

1. An Alarm

Something as simple as an alarm can be the difference between fending for yourself or having help come your way. Many self-defense keychains come with loud alarms that go off at the push of a button. These are way more efficient than rape whistles or just yelling, and they are much louder, too.

2. Pepper Spray

The next thing you need to stock your self-defense weapon collection with is pepper spray. One little bottle has the power to do some serious damage when you need it to.

You can find pepper spray that goes on a keychain or around your neck, or even in a concealed compartment. Many self-defense weapon makers have packaged pepper spray to look like lipstick or another lady product. They won’t look like anything to an attacker at first – until they have a face full of pepper blocking them from getting to you.

3. Something Sharp

This title is a bit vague, but only because there are so many sharp objects for women to carry. There are personal safety keychains with sharp edges as well as concealed knives and tactical pens and even rings ready to be at your defense.

You can bring the keychain with you anywhere you go or slip on the sharp ring when going for a run. Either way, you’re much safer with something sharp on you than without it, regardless of the object you choose.

4. A Stun Gun

If you really want to make a possible attacker feel some pain, carry a stun gun with you at all times. These are tasers you can use to stop someone dead in their tracks for a few seconds. They are unexpected burst of pain that give you just enough time to get away.

For more about such self-defense weapons, click to check out the tasers at defensedevices.com.

5. An Actual Gun

Having a gun on you at all times might sound a bit extreme, but it’s actually kind of normal. Think about it: people with their concealed carry permit do it all the time. Get your own permit and buy a small handgun if you want to make sure you’re safe.

It doesn’t have to be anything too big or scary. As long as you know how to handle a gun and you’re comfortable using it, you’ll be safe.

The Best Self-Defense Weapon for Women, Female Health Tools, and More Essentials

It’s one thing to read about the best self-defense weapon options for women and another to get your hands on the things you need most. You don’t have to leave the house with a full collection of these things, but it’s good to have one or two emergency items on you.

For more tips on staying safe, women’s health, and a few chances to win some of the best women’s tools out there for free, click here!

Best Self Defense Weapons

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