5 Brilliant Ideas for Girly Weekends Away

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girly weekends away

Posted: 9 October 2017

Life as a woman isn’t always easy.

We experience dramas in our romantic relationships, petty fights with coworkers, and issues with our health.

However, the one thing that’s always there for us through it all? Our girlfriends. Has it been too long since you spent a weekend away with the girls? Are you looking for the perfect getaway to reconnect and pamper yourselves?

Read on for a list of top 5 girly weekends away that you can spend celebrating the beauty of female friendships.

1) Epcot, Walt Disney World

It may not surprise you that Disney World made the list. After all, it’s the most magical place on Earth! However, this isn’t the same trip you’ll take to the park with your kids. At all. Ready for a more adult getaway?

If so, then head to Epcot resort in Orlando for a weekend of “drinking around the world” that you and your friends will never forget. You’ll get to visit multiple countries in a few hours — no flying or passport required!

Epcot is a theme park that allows you to immerse yourself in 11 different countries and cultures in just one day.

Stroll through an English garden sipping tea in the United Kingdom section. Then, enjoy sake and sushi in Japan.

Epcot in the Fall is especially magical, as they host a food and wine festival. You and your friends can experience one of the best girly weekends away by sampling gourmet food and wine.

Don’t forget your Minnie Mouse ears and princess dresses. If there’s one place to go all out, it’s Disney World.

2) Spa Weekend

Your girls weekend should be all about relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. What better way to do that than with a spa weekend?

Head to your local resort and book treatments for you and your friends all day. You can even book group massages and facials, so you and your friends never have to be separated.

Experience mud baths, facials, manicure and pedicures, and waxing. Not into letting a professional wax your more intimate areas? Look into sugar wax hair removal and do it yourself.

Don’t make any plans for this weekend apart from being pampered. You don’t want to have to worry about any commitments getting in the way of your spa appointments. Try to spend the weekend focusing on relaxing and laughing with your best friends.

If you decide to go on a spa retreat, you’ll return from the weekend feeling and looking amazing and ready to take on life.

3) St Petersburg, Florida

When most people think of heading to Florida, they either go straight to Orlando or Miami.

However, when you stick to the mainstream, you miss some of Florida’s hidden gems.

St Petersburg, Florida is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Spend your weekend lying on the beach with your girlfriends, sipping margaritas and admiring the clear water.

You can stay in St Petersburg for a fraction of the cost it would take you to stay at South Beach in Miami.

St Petersburg is home to wonderful art museums, and it’s downtown area boasts vibrant nightlife on weekend.

St Pete is also located just an hour away from Tampa. Of course, this large city has it’s own host of adventures, including the Busch Gardens theme park and Lowry Park Zoo.

4) London, England

If you’re looking for a classy weekend away in Europe where everyone speaks your language, look no further than London, England.

London is an incredibly fun and dynamic city for you and your girlfriends to visit. It’s also full of history. Every street you go down is older than America itself. You can learn so much just by spending one weekend exploring London.

Spend the day strolling through the British Museum before heading to the theatre and topping your night off at a London nightclub.

There is something in London for everyone. There are infinite actives for you and your friends to take part in, and lots of pubs to try out!

If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glance of the Queen herself. Cheerio!

5) Take a Mountain Retreat

Are you and your friends outdoorsy girls? If so, a mountain retreat in the Smokies might be more your style.

Who said girly weekends away had to be all about pampering yourself?

On a mountain retreat, you and your friends can rent a cabin all to yourselves. Imagine roasting s’mores, drinking port, and laughing the night away around a fire.

During the daylight hours, you and your friends can hike amazing mountain trails or try white water rafting.

While a mountain retreat might seem rustic, there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you and your friends entertained. Besides, it’s nice to unplug from your cellphone every once in a while. When none of you have access to the Internet, it will force you to bond more with one another.

This will help to make it a weekend to remember.

If you’re worried about being bored, bring board games and a deck of cards. Close friends don’t need anything more than a deck of cards and a bottle of wine to keep themselves busy.

Being surrounded by nature all weekend will ensure that you return to work refreshed and more in touch with who you are.

Enjoy One or All of These Girly Weekends Away

Like what you read here? Feel free to take these weekend ideas and use them over the next few years.

If you take one weekend away each year, this list has you covered for the next five years!

Girly weekends away are good for the soul. Take time out of your busy life to spend time with friends, and gain some perspective on what’s really important.

Whether you’re into nature, theme parks, or staying indoors getting facials, the most important thing is bonding with each other.

If you have any questions about this article or want to contact us, please do so here.

We hope you have a fantastic vacation!

Girly Weekends Away


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