5 DIY Clothes Ideas to Try With Your Kids

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DIY Clothes

Posted: 3 April 2018

From the time they were babies, kids are constantly growing. Buying new clothes is inevitable. But, unfortunately, kids clothes can get expensive.

As a parent, you’re often stuck trying to please your child while watching your spending.

This is where DIY projects come in: you and your kids can have fun designing clothes, giving them amazing new clothes while you save money.

Check out these 5 DIY clothes ideas and get your kids stylish for the back to school season!

1. Create a Girl’s Skirt

Little girls love dressing stylish and feminine. But you don’t want their wardrobe to be too revealing — especially since skirts get shorter every minute. Have full control over the style of the skirt by designing one DIY.

Go to a fabric store and buy an elastic band and a piece of fabric — make sure the skirt is between 25 and 30 inches long and wide. Fold the fabric and sew the seams.

Hem the bottom at one inch. Fold the top a little more to sew in the elastic band.

2. Create a Tank Top With a Bow

During the warm seasons, tank tops are perfect for your little girl.

But do you notice she has a tank top she never wears? Take these DIY clothes ideas and finish it with a bow. Get some cheap fabric from the fabric store and connect the straps with a bow, in the back of the shirt.

This quickly makes a racerback tank top, completely reinventing the shirt.

3. DIY Cardigan

This tutorial is perfect for a child, regardless of their gender.

This tutorial is perfect if you have a sweater that’s too small. Take the sweater and make a cut in the middle of the front, only on the front of the fabric. If necessary, cut the sleeves if they’re too long.

Find some old ribbon and sew the ribbon on one of the sides of where you cut.

Make sure there’s a little extra ribbon at the top. Loop it and sew the loop. Take a button and sew the button on the opposite side of the loop.

4. Sew a Jacket

If you can’t afford a heavy jacket, you can make one yourself. You’ll need two different types of fabric, four buttons, and needle and thread and a sewing machine.

Take one of your child’s jackets and make an outline of the jacket. There are a few separate parts of a jacket: the sleeves, front, back, pockets and hood.

Trace each part of the jacket in the fabric and cut each part separately. If it’s easier for you, you can use batting first and then cut each piece of fabric to the batting.

Start quilting one piece of fabric, this will be your main fabric piece. You can quilt any style you prefer. Start to cut and hem your hood and the pockets. Sew your pockets on the main fabric. Cut and attach the sleeves.

Take your lining fabric, and slip into the jacket. Bind the edges together and sew them with your sewing machine. Sew your buttons on one side, matched with holes on the opposite side.

5. Suspender Shorts

Do you want a cute summertime style for your son? Suspenders are trending, as you can see on Elfann. And they look so cute on your son.

Take a half yard of fabric (denim is preferred, but you can use any fabric), four buttons, and eight inches of an elastic band.

In the fabric, cut the front, back (use an outline of your son’s shorts), and two separate pieces for the suspender.

Sew the front and back together. Hem the bottom of the shorts and sew along the crotch. Fold the top of the shorts and sew in the elastic band.

Sew the buttons on the top part of the shorts (front and back) and cut holes in the bottom of the suspenders (front and back). Attach the suspenders to the shorts.

Time to Use These DIY Clothes Ideas

Buying clothes can be tedious and expensive. But making clothes can become a fun hobby for you and your kids. Your kids are always growing and want new clothes. Designing clothes is a great way to save money.

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DIY Clothes

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