5 Fun Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love

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halloween costumes

Posted: 20 October 2017

Halloween is swiftly approaching and it’s time to find your kids the perfect costumes.

Halloween is a time when your kids get to express themselves and run around for one night pretending to be anything they want.

The precious years when you’re young enough to go trick-or-treating fly by fast so it’s important to help your kid make the most out of them.

Read on for a list of Halloween costumes your child will love.

1) Superheroes

Let’s face it, every child looks up to one superhero or another. While you may think this costume idea is overdone, it makes children feel empowered.

In 2017 the first blockbuster female superhero film Wonder Woman hit theaters, inspiring little girls everywhere to be heroines.

Dress your child up like their favorite superhero and watch as they pretend to fly around your room on a sugar high from having too much candy.

Superhero costumes are fun and not difficult to find online or make yourself!

2) Sibling Costumes

Are your kids close in age or even twins? Consider pairing them up in epic complimentary costumes.

Examples of this could be salt and pepper, cat and dog, or pirate and mermaid.

Check out this cool pirate costume here.

Pretty much any two things that go together can be made into clever costumes that your kids will love. Halloween may only be one night, but the pictures you get of them dressed up together will last a lifetime.

3) Pop Culture Costumes

To get inspiration for Halloween costumes for your kids, turn to what’s happening in pop culture.

Getting costume ideas from your child’s favorite shows or movies is sure to delight them. My Little Pony, Harry Potter, or Star Wars are all trending in pop culture and kids love them.

4) Monster Costumes

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a traditional Halloween full of monsters.

Dress your child up like a witch, or a zombie, or a vampire. Embrace the spookiness of Halloween with your child.

You can even get your dog involved having him be Frankenstein’s monster and your child be Doctor Frankenstein.

5) Humorous Costumes

If your child is the class clown at school than maybe they’d prefer funny Halloween costumes.

You can take almost any pun and turn it into a quality Halloween costume. Take the classic “cereal killer” for example. Simply attach old cereal boxes to your child and have them carry around a plush knife. Voila, they’re a cereal killer.

This will be sure to get them some laughs at the schools’ Halloween costume parade.

We Hope You Enjoyed These Halloween Costumes

Halloween should be a fun time for the whole family.

Ask your child for some ideas about what they want to be and if they don’t have any of their own, return to this list.

Remember that kids look cute in almost anything, and the whole point of the night is for them to have fun and eats tons of candy.

Don’t forget to inspect your children’s Halloween candy before they eat it.

If you have any questions about this article or want to get in contact with us for any reason, please do so here.

Happy Halloween!

halloween costumes


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