5 Fun Ideas to Help Throw the Perfect Kids Party

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kids party

Posted: 6 December 2017

The special month is quickly approaching. Anticipation is thick in the air. Make no mistake – a kid’s birthday party is coming.

For many people, this is an exciting event. For others, the thought of planning their kid’s party is terrifying, overwhelming, and stressful. There is that nagging, driving thought of, “Will the party be an absolute disaster?”

The long and short answer, though, is a resounding “No!” At least not if it’s well-planned with just a bit of creativity and inspiration.

Check out some fun ways to throw the perfect kid birthday bash.

5 Awesome Kids Party Ideas

1) Plan A Theme

Whether it be fairies, ninjas, TV characters, or pirates – kids love a themed party.

The best part about themed parties is that the theme provides the plan. From ideas to party favors, to fun and fabulous games and activities, a theme can easily fuel the party planning ideas.

Some of the more popular themes becoming kids party favorites are obstacles courses, sports, and action-packed options. Shows like Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior are taking the party planning world by storm. Kids like the challenges and the action that these types of themed parties can offer.

2) Don’t Be Afraid To DIY The Kids Party

If the Internet or Pinterest is a foreign concept, make sure to Google them ASAP!

Any and every kids party can benefit from a little DIY! Building games and activities, creating personalized party favors and even cooking up perfectly themed snacks and meals are all easy DIY options.

Not only can DIY ideas make any themed party easy to plan and organize, but they can help keep to a budget.

3) Get Creative With Party Favors

Every kid loves party favors, but these festive trinkets can cost a ton. Get creative with fun favors by thinking outside the box.

Planning a sports themed party? Use a computer and a free template to print out rookie trading cards or custom buttons with the party stats. To really get fancy, have the cards laminated at a local office supply store.

Planning a princess or fairy themed party? Grab some sticks, a can of spray paint, and some ribbons to make whimsical wands.

No matter what the plans are for a kids party, there are plenty of DIY options to make it amazing!

4) Outsource To Social Media

From party ideas to planning and invitations, social media can help make organization simple and stress-free.

Invites can easily be sent via email, Facebook, Evite, or even Twitter. The best part about digital invitations is that reminders are automatically sent as the event nears.

Another awesome idea for planning an epic kid’s party is by creating a Facebook or a Shutterfly page to share pictures, updates, or reminders. Not only will this be great for other parents to share pictures, but is a great way to expand social circles.

5) Involve The Kids

Kids have the most creative minds. Plus, they have a pretty good idea what they want at their parties.

Asking the actual party VIP what they want at their party is a great way to plan. Kids feel good, they get more excited, and they know exactly what other kids want to see and do.

Party On!

Planning a perfect kid’s party doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming.

There are so many ideas and party inspirations to bootleg. From social media to DIY options and outsourcing to the kids – there are so many resources to help plan the perfect party.

Get creative, have fun, and let the kids help with the details. If kids are having fun, then enjoy that cake and know the party was a success!

kids party


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