5 Fun and Inexpensive Girls Night Out Ideas to Try This Fall

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Girls Night Out

Posted: 23 October 2018

Scientists agree that a strong support system is a vital component of a healthy life and can lead to a happier, longer life. So why not invest in your future by planning a great girls’ night out with your best friends?

Here are five awesome girls’ night out ideas that you’ll want to try.

1. Sing Your Heart Out At A Karaoke Bar

Who doesn’t love to let loose and enjoy some karaoke from time to time? Karaoke is an affordable and fun way to spend an evening with your favorite gals.

And if you need a little bit of liquid courage before belting out your rendition of “Havana” most karaoke establishments offer food and alcohol.

2. Head Out On A Pub Crawl

No matter how small your local town is, you likely have a downtown area filled with restaurants and bars that you’ve wanted to try for a while now.

Well, what better time than now?

A pub crawl is a great excuse to hang out with your friends while enjoying all the delicious food and drink your favorite bars have to offer. Grab a drink or appetizer at each restaurant or bar then make your way down the block.

Just make sure to pace yourself and stay hydrated. No girls’ outing should end in regret the next day.

3. Make Your Escape From An Escape Room

Escape Rooms are all the rage right now, popping up in cities all across the globe. And after experiencing the fun for yourself, you’ll see what all the hype is about.

Your standard escape room requires the perfect balance of intellect, creativity, and teamwork. Best of all, there are plenty of themes to choose from so you’ll have a blast even if you don’t finish the puzzle.

4. Channel Your Inner Goddesses At A Yoga Class

Okay, so maybe exercising with your friends isn’t your idea of the perfect girls’ outing, but sometimes you need a break from drinking wine and indulging in snacks. Plus, a yoga class is a great way to enjoy those indulgences guilt-free.

If you’re looking to unwind while doing your body some good, consider taking a yoga class with your friends. Yoga is linked to better mental health, improved muscle tone, heart health, and decreased injuries.

So pull up a mat, take a deep breath, and focus on your inner chi. It may seem tough at the moment, but you’ll feel so much more relaxed when you’re finished.

5. Blend In As Tourists

Blending in and acting like tourists is a fun, silly way to experience everything your town has to offer — even if you’re well-versed in your town’s history!

Let loose and have some fun by channeling your inner tourist. Sign up for a local history tour, visit a museum, or go around the city taking pictures of landmarks. Sure, it’s ridiculous, but that’s the appeal.

Plan The Perfect Night Out With These Girls’ Night Out Ideas

If you’re looking for a great excuse to hang out with your best friends and spend a night on the town, these girls’ night out ideas are guaranteed good times.

And best of all, they don’t have to break the bank!

Looking to save some cash on your night out? Be sure to check out our list of giveaways to save money on food, entertainment, and anything else you love.

Girls Night Out


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