5 Giveaways for College Students to Stay Healthy on Campus

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Stay Healthy on Campus

Posted: 23 October 2018

No one likes getting free stuff more than college students. It’s a joke you hear all the time, but it becomes a little too accurate once you’re back on campus and “the struggle is real.”

Still, it’d be nice if you could get free stuff that actually benefited you instead of just a bunch of t-shirts and junk food! Living the college life doesn’t have to compromise your quality of life. The thing is, you have to be smart about which giveaways for college students you enter.

Focus on contests and handouts that help you maintain your health throughout the semester. If you’re not sure what these are, check out the list below.

Here are five of the best college giveaways to help you stay healthy on campus.

1. Healthy Food Freebies

The free food on campus isn’t limited to pizza and sugary baked goods.

Most campus recreation centers and medical offices offer healthy snacks for students like fresh fruit and granola bars. Many colleges also have student pantries where you can go to stock up on simple ingredients, which leaves a little extra room in your grocery budget for healthy items like fresh fruit and vegetables.

2. Athletic Clothing Contests

Maybe you’re pretty invested in your health as is. You may spend a lot of time in the gym, and maybe you even prioritize nutritional supplements like protein powder and preworkout over buying a case of beer.

Still, having a passion for fitness can be expensive. That’s why it’s smart to enter athletic clothing contests to help you offset your wellness costs!

There are so many fitness influencers on Instagram who give away free codes and sometimes supplements, too. Not to mention, there are plenty of other online resources where you can access these freebies.

3. Free Flu Shots and Vaccine

Shots and vaccines may not be at the top of your wellness priorities, but they are worth getting if you can get them for free. Keep an eye out for the next time your campus clinic has a free flu shot or vaccine day.

You don’t have to go to these clinic events every single time they’re held. However, it’s good to stay up to date with your shots and vaccines – especially if you don’t have to pay for them!

4. Personal Healthcare Giveaways

Campus clinics sometimes host free STD checks and women’s wellness events in addition to free flu shot and vaccine days.

But, it might be worth investing in the best at home STD test or looking for a giveaway for this kind of health kit if you’re a little shy about your sex life. Imagine how awkward it would be to run into a previous romantic partner while waiting for an STD check. Buying a kit gives you the answers you want and saves you from the possibility of an uncomfortable encounter.

5. Accessible Mental Health Services

Keep in mind that your wellness at college doesn’t just refer to your physical health. The ups and downs of university life can take a toll on your mental health, too.

As such, it’s smart to research what kind of mental health services are available to you. There are many sources of one-on-one and group-oriented support for you to take advantage of. You just have to find what works best for you!

Special Health-Related Giveaways for College Students Happening Right Now

It’s one thing to know what the best giveaways for college students are in terms of health, and another to access everything you need. Most campuses do everything in their power to provide students with health support, but even that isn’t always enough.

Sometimes you have to go online and find all the contests and giveaways you can in order to make ends meet. These can give you access to everything from new gym shoes to better healthy foods and even healthcare services.

If you want to see what health-related giveaways are going on right now, click here.

Stay Healthy on Campus

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