5 Home Hacks That Will Make Decorating Easier

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Home Hacks

Posted: 21 August 2017

Decorating a home can be outrageously expensive. While interior decorators can offer a lot of great ideas, they are sometimes a huge hassle to deal with — both financially and personally.

The truth is that there are a lot of doable home hacks you can handle yourself.

Plus, going the DIY route ensures you can customize it exactly how you want. Save yourself both money and drama by checking out these five genius hacks to getting the home of your dreams.

1. Hollow Book

There is nothing more unsightly in a home than cables, routers, and other wifi equipment. These things need to be usable, but not seen.

So, how can you hide your wires, Apple TV, or Roku?

Take a book and remove its contents.

That’s right, cut out the entire novel. You’ll be left with just the cover or shell of the book. Put your router inside the book so that it’s completely concealed. Then, place the book on a decorative shelf or credenza that still allows the cord from the router easy entry to an outlet.

This idea is truly genius. It adds a decorative book to an empty shelf and conceals your ugly router or TV box.

2. Just Add Rope for Great Home Hacks

When it comes to home hacks, this one may be the easiest of them all. Depending on the style you’re aiming for in your home, you can add jute rope to a variety of places.

Live in an older apartment building?

If so, the chances are high you have water heating poles in the corners of some of your rooms. Take the jute rope and swirl it around your pole for a rustic or nautical feature.

The poles often can’t be disguised, so let them be present as long as they go with the theme of your decor. You can also add jute rope to the tops of shower curtains, or use them to hang drapes with.

3. Hey, Duvet

If you’ve found a duvet on sale that’s made of great material, you can absolutely cut it in half and make drapes out of it.  Considering the high cost of drapes, this is a great home hack.

These drapes can come with you if you move, or stay put if you’re in a rent to own contract. Either way, you can use them for years.

4. Make It Pop

This is a great home hack for children’s rooms especially.

Consider painting the part of the door that is usually concealed when closed. The inner part of the door that meets the door frame can be colored in a bright, fun shade that matches your child’s room.

5. Come On Baby, Light My Fire

Candles are everything when it comes to home hacks.

Have an old fireplace that can’t be used? You most certainly do if you live in a New York City apartment building.

Get a bunch of candles and place them beautifully in the fireplace. Light them on romantic nights or during dinner parties. It will have the same effect on a room that a full blazing fire might.

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