5 Ideas for Cheap Room Decor That Don’t Look Cheap

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cheap room decor

Posted: 27 July 2017

Trying to create the perfect Pinterest-ready house to make all your Instagram followers jealous? Be prepared to go broke.

Room decor can become expensive. This is especially true for people who already have a mortgage or rent to take care of. With budget constraints, it may be hard to decorate a home in ways that do not make it look cheap.

Fortunately, there are certain ways to add splashes of new decor around a home that would not hurt a person’s wallet.

For some cheap room decor ideas that can make a home look better without looking cheap, look no further. Re-purposed items can be the easiest way to create new looks.

Living Room

For the living room, there are a ton of ideas and ways to add some cheap room decor. Wall decals and wallpaper can be a great, inexpensive way too add life to the living room.

Accent a wall behind a sofa or TV to add depth to the room. Paint can be cheap, depending on the color and the quantity. Or, use leftover paint from another project if available. Even just one wall can make a difference.

Children’s Rooms

Whether it be a bedroom or a play area, children’s rooms are perfect for new decor. For example, toy storage can even become a nifty decor if planned correctly.

Creating fabric storage for children’s toys is a great cheap room decor trick. It can add a cute look to the room, and also be completely functional.

Having a baby can be expensive, but that does not mean their rooms have to be. Create a garland or a mobile from toys and fabric pieces to decorate a baby room. Some great children’s toys and other items can be found at Blast Me Deals. Choosing fun and bright colors can also be a plus, to liven up a child’s room.


Bathrooms can be a perfect area to add subtle new cheap room decor. Plants and candles can be perfect for a small space like a bathroom. It will add more to the room, without seeming too distracting or overbearing.

Since rearranging an entire bathroom is probably out of the question, and idea could be to adorn the walls with items. Hang a large towel holder for extra storage, or add decals and wallpaper for a cheap idea.

Dining Area

Painting a table or chairs as previously stated would be great for a person to quickly change up the feel to a dining area.

Fabrics can be used as well to add cheap room decor. Place mats or tablecloths can also change up a dining area’s look, even slightly. If a person were handy enough to sew, adding new designs to older fabrics can breathe new life into them.

Exploring For Cheap Room Decor

Now, for some of these ideas to become reality, people would have to explore a little bit. Around the neighborhood, there should be plenty of garage sales. In fact, there are about 165,000 yard sales each week across America.

Apart from garage sales, there may be people moving out, or deciding to remove items from their homes around the area. Some will leave items to be taken out to a landfill by their driveway for you to snag.


All in all, cheap room decor is possible to add or even create in almost every room For inexpensive changes, reused materials are the perfect fit.

Even rearranging a room can make a positive change. A little paint can also go a long way with sprucing up a wall or furniture.

All it takes is a person to be patient, creative, and crafty to choose and add to their home’s new personality.

5 Ideas for Cheap Room Decor


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