5 Incentives for Employees to Encourage Excellent Work

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Incentives For Employees

Posted: 16 August 2017

Are you looking for ways to motivate your staff?

You should be. According to a poll last year, 70% of workers felt as though they were “not engaged” at work.

To get your employees more involved, use our five incentives for employees.

Effective Incentives for Employees

Shout Outs

Incentives don’t always need to be big. Sometimes, all people want is to feel appreciated and valued, and low-cost incentives can be the most effective.

You can do that by giving shout outs to employees when they do a good job. It doesn’t need to be face-to-face, in a meeting in front of everyone. It could be on the company group chat or via an email newsletter.

It’s the little things that make all the difference, and small gestures like giving someone recognition for a job well done will give them some job satisfaction and an extra reason to take pride in their work.

Personalized Goals

While you’ll have general goals for your company in mind, as well as certain goals for different teams or departments to work towards, setting individualized goals for incentives for employees can make them even more motivated.

Get in touch with your employees and find out what their skills, needs, and goals are, as well as the areas in which they want to develop. Then, use those to set personal goals for each of them.

This doesn’t need to be on a constant basis. Trying to set and follow up on so many different targets could be incredibly time consuming and verging on the impossible. You can rotate from person to person.

Profit Share Systems

Cash bonuses are good, but profit shares are even better.

This is because they give employees a sense of ownership and belonging. They feel that they’re all invested in something together, and as a result, they take more pride in their jobs and work harder to achieve winning results.

Offer Great Experiences

Many bosses believe that money is the number one motivator for their staff, which goes to show how out of touch they can be with their workforce.

In many cases, people value time and experience over money. You can tap into that by offering incentives that are more suited to this, such as an all expenses paid trip, paid leave, or an afternoon off. It could even be something as simple as a gift card for a hotel, restaurant, movie theatre or coffee shop.

You’d be surprised how incentives like these can be more appealing than simple bonuses.


Giving your employees freedom to take control of their working hours can be tricky. Many managers would worry about how much work they’re getting done when they’re not being monitored. However, allowing them to be flexible can actually improve the way they work.

Flexible working hours make workers more productive, and being too strict or controlling with your staff can demotivate them.

For employees who’ve displayed capability to manage their own schedules and deadlines, try a flexi-time approach. You might find that their productivity shoots up as a result.

Reward Your Employees

As well as incentives, you can also motivate the people who work for you by offering great perks that set you apart from other companies. Offer a plaque award that they can proudly display in their office or a gift card to a local restaurant.

Offering discounts at fitness centers with an employee gym membership is one great example of this. Show your staff that you care about their well being as well as their results!

5 Incentives for Employees

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