5 Places to Find Books for Cheap

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Cheap Books

Posted: 10 January 2018

Despite the prevalence of e-readers and how many people you see on buses and trains glued to their phones — bookstore sales aren’t slowing down.

In fact, in the last 8 years, the American Booksellers Association has seen an increase in membership. Whether you’re looking for a great gift or the cheapest vacation you can buy, it’s never been a better time to shop for cheap books.

While some have been declaring that print is dead and magazine subscriptions have slumped a bit, most readers prefer to hold a book in their hand than a tablet. There’s nothing that beats the feeling of reading from an actual book.

While the newest books on the best sellers list might still cost the same as two tickets to the movies, nothing can beat the price of used or discounted books. Here are the 5 best places to find your next stack of cheap books.

1. Find Cheap Books At Independent Book Shops

Wherever there are people, there are sure to be bookshops. If you live in a college town or a big city, it might seem like there are more bookstores than there are any other kinds of shop.

What’s great about most independent bookshops is that they know they’re competing with the big chains and online retailers. In response, they’ll often have massive discounted or used book sections.

Used books in perfect unread condition could end up costing less than 20% of the cover price. If you can wait for a book to show up on the used shelf, you’ll be able to save tons of money. If you prefer to read the classics or are still catching up with older writing by your favorite author, this could be the perfect solution.

2. Ask Your Friends

Once your friends are done with a book, they probably won’t need to open it back up for awhile.

Ask around and see if any of your friends have a book you’re looking for. Even better, ask for suggestions. Your friends will be enthusiastic about sharing their new favorite book with you.

For the more industrious book lovers out there, think about starting a book exchange with friends. If you’re a social person with a lot of people coming by your house, have a shelf by the door where friends can take a book and leave one. If it takes off between your friends, you could have years worth of reading material cycling between just a few of you.

3. Thrift Stores

If you’re a thrifty buyer, you know where all the good shops are in your area. As thrift stores receive most of their stock as a free donation, they’ll price books extremely low. You could end up with more books than you can carry for less than the price of a concert ticket.

If you like perusing new things or are looking for an escape from what you normally read, this could be a great way to shake up your routine. You might find anything from a great book about travel to something like The Secret just sitting around waiting for you.

4. Garage Sales

One of the best places for cheap books are the garage sales that dot every city and suburb throughout the spring and summer. You’ll likely find crates of great reading material in great condition for less than a dollar a book.

Keep a few dollars cash in the glovebox so you’re prepared next time you drive past one.

5. The Library

Who needs cheap books when you could have free books? The library will often give you 5-10 books at a time without asking for a dime.

You might need an ID or a piece of mail to prove you live in the area so be prepared when you sign up for your library card.

Finding Cheap Books is Easy

Once you start collecting books, you might find you can’t stop. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll find they’re everywhere.

If you’re ready to start finding cheap books, contact us for tips!

Cheap Books

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