5 Reasons Why Sewing Is Good for the Soul

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sewing your own clothes

Posted: 26 June 2019

Are you a sewing hobbyist? If no, then you better start thinking of knitting a few stitches as a hobby. Aside from the more obvious benefits, there are more overwhelming reasons why you should pick a needle and thread today.

Ever thought how this art can benefit your health?

Well, there are myriads of proven health benefits that come with sewing your clothes. Even though these benefits may differ from one individual to another, the end result is enhanced wellbeing and an energized soul.

Read along to find out how sewing your own clothes can be beneficial to your soul.

1. It Is Stress Relieving

Yes, you read it correctly. Just like any form of sport, sewing clothes can help relieve stress. But how can sewing reduce your stress? You may ask.

Actually, sewing encourages improved mental activity. While sewing, your mind positively mediates the action on your hands. This ultimately encourages positivity thus making you feel more relaxed and less anxious.

Immersing your mind in sewing helps you to unwind. The same applies to sewing your clothes or that of your family or friends. More so, you will become stress-free if sewing is what you love doing.

At the end of the day, this therapeutic activity will make you calmer, less stressful and contented. You wouldn’t want to walk around looking stressed.

Likewise, if you are facing financial constraints, this simple hack can help you save a few dollars. You won’t need to visit a tailor if you already know how to sew your own clothes. Would you?

2. Improved Eye-Hand Coordination

Sewing requires utmost attention. At the least, you will have to be keen when knitting your clothes. Otherwise, you might prick a finger when sewing.

If you are looking to further enhance your motor abilities, sewing can be the thing you are looking for.

Since you will have to pay attention both mentally and physically, your eye-hand coordination will improve a lot. In no time, you will be an expert in sewing your clothes without even looking down at what you are doing.

Having good eye-hand coordination can benefit you in many ways. Take for example typing on your laptop. With good coordination, you won’t need to only focus on your keyboard while typing. This way, you will type more words in the shortest possible time.

3. You’ll Become More Creative

As stated above, the mental benefits of sewing are immense. Apart from being therapeutic, sewing can also help you expand the boundaries of your creativity.

Being creative is awesome. Think of all the ways you can be creative in your life. Not only will your creativity help ease your day to day activity, but can also become a source of income.

Now, how can sewing improve your creativity? Take for example sewing your seam in different designs. You can design different designs on your cloth that can be quite attracting.

You will be surprised at how your neighbors and friends can love your different designs. In no time, you will be the go-to person for sewing designs. Isn’t that cool?

Apart from that, consider the different types of fabrics you can work on. With creativity, you can hack up different unique designs.

You’ll end up creating impressive, unique patterns that will not only impress you but your family and friends as well.

By getting creative with different fabrics to create impeccable designs, you will be engaging your brain more constructively. This can be great for the brain and the soul.

4. Lifetime Learning

Life is all about learning. At the same time, learning itself is a continuous process. It’s never-ending. This is what sewing offers you.

Creating awesome patterns can take a long and daunting process. It’s no secret that your mind has a boundless capacity to think of new patterns every time. However, you can never exhaust the number of designs you can create.

There are many people who been sewing for many years yet they are still learning to sew new designs. This is because there are always new techniques and trending designs.

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5. Improved Self Esteem

It goes without saying that high self-esteem is good for your soul. There are myriads of health benefit that come with having improved self-esteem.

Learning to sew your own clothes can actually do wonders to your self-esteem.

Take, for example, sewing a jacket or dress for a friend. You will want to put in a lot of effort to make it impressive.

Once you’re done sewing and your friend comments highly of your abilities, your self-esteem will be improved. This way, you will have more believe in your sewing activities.

Take another scenario where you decide to sew your own dress or jacket. When you are all done and decide to flaunt your new attire, a friend or just random person asks where you bought it because of its elegance.

The feeling you experience while replying that it’s your own creation will be priceless. Your self-esteem and believe will be greatly boosted.

Your brain dopamine levels will shoot up, making you feel more positive about your ability to sew impressive clothes.

Sewing Your Own Clothes Nourishes Your Soul

Learning to sew, just like any other art, can be overwhelming. It takes time, effort, and patience to get it right. When taken up as a hobby, you will be surprised at how simple sewing can be.

Start with baby steps. Take time to fix a zipper or simply knitting a torn dress. In no time you will be surprised at how better you will get. Make the decision today and begin your journey to knitting as a pro.

While sewing your own clothes will minimize your stress levels, you will as well reap many other health benefits.

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sewing your own clothes

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