5 Skin Care Products In Your Kitchen For Winter Skin

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Posted: 9 November 2017

Think that having soft, dewy skin in the wintertime means ponying up for pricey moisturizers?

Think again.

Keep your skin looking great even in cold weather with these all-natural, inexpensive skin care products that you can source right from your own kitchen!

1. Oils

You might be skittish about the idea of applying oil to your face — after all, no one wants greasy skin! — but many of the oils you use to cook with are actually fantastic skin care products. They are effective at removing makeup as well as moisturizing.

Try extra-virgin olive oil, which is rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, or coconut oil, which is superb for anyone with eczema or sensitive skin. If you have avocado or safflower oil in your cupboard, those are also good choices.

2. Yogurt

Yes, it’s delicious in smoothies or topped with berries and granola, but the next time you reach for the yogurt in your fridge, try using it externally instead of eating it.

Lactic acid in yogurt is an alpha hydroxy acid (yes, the same ingredient added to so many commercial moisturizers). It can smooth away fine lines, tighten pores, prevent breakouts, and gently exfoliate.

3. Honey

This natural sweetener is good for much more than just stirring into a cup of tea. It will make your face feel soft and supple, particularly if you choose raw honey, which isn’t heated or pasteurized.

It’s packed full of phytonutrient antioxidants and enzymes, and offers antibacterial properties, as well. That makes honey one of the best all-purpose skin care products.

Not only will honey lock in the moisture that your winter-weary skin craves, but it can also help fight skin infections, reduce the appearance of scars, and help wounds heal faster.

If you have especially dry skin, try combining honey, yogurt, and avocado for a super-nourishing facial mask.

4. Eggs

A recent post on Wise Owl Remedies discusses the many health benefits of eating eggs regularly, but eggs are pretty incredible as skin care products, too. The collagen and albumin in egg whites can prevent inflammation, tighten pores, and boost elasticity.

Eggs are also rich in vitamins A and E, and therefore help defend your skin against the devastation of free radicals.

You can use both the whites and the yolks of eggs, depending on your skin type or condition. Egg yolks applied as a facial mask can help combat acne, while egg whites can be turned into a homemade pore strip that will pull blackheads and oil from your skin.

5. Oatmeal

You’ve no doubt seen commercial skin lotions and cleansers that contain oatmeal, so it should come as no surprise that this breakfast favorite works wonders on your skin.

Oats have natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. Add a cup of oats to your bath to soothe dry, itchy winter skin or eczema. Use ground oats as a gentle exfoliant. Or incorporate this miracle grain into a facial mask; the saponins in oats help remove dirt while providing natural moisturizing.

What Secret Ingredients Do You Use As Skin Care Products?

These are just a few of the many natural, inexpensive options for taking care of your winter skin. Which superfoods have we omitted? Do you have a great facial mask recipe? Let us know in the comments!

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