5 Types of Unique Jewelry to Add Fun to Your Outfits

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Unique Jewelry

Posted: 20 July 2017

Jewelry is a personal statement. It lets the world know who you are.

It can also completely change your look. The right statement piece can boost a black dress from simple to elegant. It can take a plain white tee and jeans from everyday attire to edgy.

But if you’re bored with seeing the same old jewelry with the same old look, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 types of unique jewelry sure to add a dash of eye-catching style to anything you wear.


Some designers have a preconceived idea of what they want their piece of jewelry to look like, and they manipulate their materials into that form.

But other designers let their materials lead the way and define the final shape. This kind of natural-form jewelry can include gold-dipped leaf earrings or pendants made from resin-sealed pieces of wood or hand-painted seashells.

When it comes to natural-form jewelry, the item that’s the inspiration for the piece clearly shines through. The beautiful, authentic shape of the object makes a stunning design and a unique jewelry piece.

Found Objects

Jewelry can also be made from found objects. These objects could be anything from photos to buttons to antique keys and coins.

Sometimes the artist manipulates the objects or combines them with more traditional jewelry styles, to create a gorgeous piece of unique jewelry.

Found-object jewelry can be truly fascinating, as it usually has a great story to go along with it. And as a bonus, it’s also environmentally friendly, since the pieces used to make it are recycled.

Giving Back

Some jewelry is less about the design and more about the message – although there’s nothing wrong with combining the two into a stylish piece that promotes social awareness.

Some jewelry makers donate a portion of their proceeds to worthy causes such as education, domestic violence awareness, or global clean-up efforts.

Other jewelry lines promote fair trade. When you buy fair trade jewelry, you’re helping reduce poverty and promoting economic independence in developing countries.

If you can find a piece you love that also gives back to a cause you believe in, you’ve hit the jewelry jackpot!

Biker Style

Biker jewelry is hugely popular right now, due in part to its big, bold, gothic-inspired designs that contrast starkly with the delicate lines you find in more traditional pieces.

The biker style, which tends to incorporate skulls and other dark imagery, can be found in biker rings, pendants, bracelets and more.

If you don’t typically go for that darker, edgier look, try wearing just one awesome statement piece. Biker designs are especially striking when paired unexpectedly with sleeker, elegant styles.


If you love to read, you can find a piece of unique jewelry inspired by just about any famous story.

Literature-inspired jewelry could be a metal cuff embossed with a quote from your favorite novel or poem, or a replica of a piece of jewelry worn by a literary character. It could even be a pendant that contains a small piece of a cover or page from an actual book.

Whatever the design, as long as it’s literary-inspired, you can show off your love of the written word while sporting a captivating piece of jewelry.

What’s your favorite piece of unique jewelry?

Do you have a favorite style of jewelry or a piece you think is truly unique? Share it in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Types of Unique Jewelry


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