5 Unique YouTube Video Ideas for Budding YouTubers

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youtube video ideas

Posted: 15 July 2019

YouTube is proving to be one of the best online money making platform for many vloggers. With elite YouTubers making impressive money online, budding channel owners have something to look forward to. All you need is great YouTube video ideas that will get you the necessary following and viewership.

Famous YouTubers make money by endorsing products and displaying ads in their videos. The rates you get for these endorsements and ads vary depending on your following and traffic. Here are some things to talk about on YouTube to help you grow your new YouTube channel faster.

Educational Videos

While YouTube might be an entertainment platform, more and more people are using it as a tutorial platform. A good channel should have a bigger percentage of its videos dedicated to teaching viewers something.

You can opt for tutorial videos, walkthroughs, explainer videos, interviews with experts in a niche or your opinion on a product. Ensure that these first YouTube video ideas are well researched and precise since they will form the backbone of your channel.

Create a Tour Video

Tours give the viewers a glimpse at other real life things. It could be a tour of an office, your neighborhood or a show. When starting out on your YouTube content, keep the tours as relevant as possible. For instance, if your channel is about makeup, you could conduct a tour of your makeup closet or your favorite makeup shop in town.

A Day in My Life YouTube Video Ideas

A day in the life is a popular slew in the modern era of live streaming. Hook up a GoPro or set up a couple of cameras to capture you going about your daily routine. This is one of those YouTube channel ideas that give you a chance to bond with your viewers by showing them a glimpse of your day or just a portion of your day.

Behind the Scenes

No single video goes live without some editing and splicing with tools like Adobe Spark intro maker. While your viewers might enjoy the refined product more, they will still want to laugh at any bloopers or see how you produced the video. You can expand your video count by uploading accompanying behind the scenes videos for every publication you make.

Myth Buster Videos

Nothing draws attention as some controversy or someone trying to debunk long-serving myths. A good myth buster video can easily ramp up views and give your channel the traffic bump it needs.

However, these videos need solid research as they can easily have a backlash effect. Don’t make preposterous claims that you cannot back up. You can either present facts and clearly say where you got them or start with a disclaimer whenever you want to air your opinion.

Bottom Line

Getting started on YouTube can be tricky if you don’t have good video ideas. Don’t let this pull you back. You can use these 5 YouTube video ideas to create a strong foundation for your channel. Don’t forget to add a personal touch to each video. You’ll need this to stay unique and relevant.

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youtube video ideas

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