6 Advantages of Home Automation

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Home Automation

Posted: 4 June 2018

It’s only been a few years since home automation has become popular.

In that time, the technology has become much more accessible. Many people are upgrading to include the systems in their homes. In fact, by 2022, over 50 percent of the homes in America will be smart homes.

You may have some reservations about getting a system for your home. Maybe you think it sounds too technical. Or you think that it’ll cost too much.

This article will show you how you can actually save money while increasing your safety and peace of mind

Curious? Keep reading, you’re about to find out six advantages of home automation.

1. Safety

Safety and security are the chief applications of home automation for many homeowners. Installing a home automation system can make your home and your family more secure. Even your door locks can be automated.

A popular application of this technology is controlling a home’s lighting. That brings a number of applications.

For example, you can turn on your lights when you aren’t at home to deter burglars. A light above a door or in a hallway can be activated by a motion sensor. No more walking in the dark late at night.

Other small appliances can also be monitored remotely. Want to check if your curling iron was left on? What about if you’re out and aren’t sure if the oven was turned off after breakfast?

With a tap of your finger on your device, you can check all of these things.

2. Control a Home’s Temperature

Have you ever left your home for the day and in the rush forgot to adjust your thermostat? As a result, you get home to find it’s either too cold or uncomfortably hot.

A more comfortable environment is another one of the home automation advantages your family can benefit from. Temperature can be adjusted when you want so that when you arrive you have an inviting and comfortable home. With many systems, you can control it right from your phone.

Temperature control has the added benefit of saving on energy. When no one is home, you can turn off the heat or air conditioning until it’s needed again.

If you’re a busy person, you already have enough on your plate. The convenience of being able to control the temperature of your home may be one of your favorite advantages of smart home automation.

3. You Can Keep an Eye on Your Kids

It’s usually impossible to put a price on peace of mind. For you though, it could be as simple as buying a home automation system. Parent’s love this application of home automation – keeping a watchful eye on their children.

For a busy parent, you can both keep your children safe and know what they are up to. Forgetful children often may not lock up after themselves. You can check the doors are locked after them, for example.

If you’re worried about your teenager getting back home at night, you can check they made it in safely. Modern systems mean you can let them in without even getting out of bed. A camera can monitor their comings and goings, and the porch light can be turned off for their safety.

For a new parent, a baby in another room is never quite so far away. Technology like smart cameras can allow you to check on them from anywhere.

4. Convenience

Among all the advantages of smart home automation, convenience stands out. The idea behind these systems is to automatically perform basic repetitive tasks that we already do now.

Many of the gadgets work well with each other, and you can set them to automate your usual home processes. For example, when you unlock your door, you can set that as a trigger to turn on your smart lighting system.

There’s no limit to what you can do as it’s possible to customize the design to suit you. Companies like BBD Life Style tailor each home automation system to your specific needs.

5. Saving Time

We are all much busier these days than in the past. For the majority of Americans, the day-to-day rush is a constant blur. Your to-do list seems to never be fully complete.

Using smart home technology, you can automate tasks that previously would have taken time from your busy schedule. No more having to rush home to open the front door for your kids when they finish school. No more having to go back to adjust a thermostat or other household item.

Your valuable time can be spent doing the things you love or simply relaxing. Smart home technology can make your daily life much more productive.

6. Saving Money

You will probably be pleasantly surprised when you get your first utility bill after installing a home automation system.

All of that formerly wasted cash from leaving the lights on. All that gas that you had to use to go home and check that you actually locked the door. Having the power to remotely control all of these things is going to pay off when you look at your finances.

We’ve already covered how electricity can be saved. Smart lightbulbs and thermostats aren’t the only application of the technology. Some systems also monitor water use.

The best thing is, all of this happens without you having to do any extra work or lift a finger. What’s more the equipment could be more affordable than you think.

Advantages of Home Automation

There’s lots more to discover about smart home tech and how you can use it. For ultimate relaxation, one of the other advantages of home automation is using a system to play music. You can have an impromptu dance party or put on some classical music while you’re cooking.

We’ve got plenty of information on how to save you money and run your household better. Want to know how to save on your electricity bills? Read our tips on how to have an even more cost-effective home.

Home Automation



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