6 Fun Kids Bedroom Designs That Won’t Break the Bank

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6 Fun Kids Bedroom Designs

Posted: 6 November 2017

Depending on their age, getting your child to like their bedroom can be a struggle. It can be difficult for them to feel comfortable sleeping alone in a room that they don’t feel at home in.

Here are some ways you can redesign your kids bedroom to make it more enjoyable for your child:

Unified Color Scheme

When it comes to bedrooms, a unified color scheme can go a long way to make the entire room come together. Ask your child what their favorite color is, and consider decorating the room with that color and other colors that are complementary.

Contrasting colors can be a subconscious point of stress for your child, and the more order there is in their bedrooms, the less anxious they will be to sleep in them.


If the walls in your kids bedroom are stark and empty, it can make the room feel barren, almost like a prison cell. A great way to fill up a room is to adorn the walls with framed photos and art.

Ask your child to pick out their favorite family photos to hang on the walls. You can even hang original artwork or purchase kid-friendly artwork from online stores like Etsy.

Wall Artwork

If you’re comfortable with it, consider decorating your child’s walls with a single large painting, mural, or blown up photo. It might seem like a lot of work, but it can change your child’s room for the better.

Hire an artist to paint a scene of a forest, a sports stadium, or the ocean. Or, if you’re comfortable with it, have your child decorate the wall themselves (with your assistance of course).

The right wall artwork will make your child’s room feel more like a refuge designed exclusively for them.

Lofted Space

Are you attempting to redesign a smaller room, and you’re not sure if your child will have space for all their things? Consider adding a loft to the room.

Not only will it make your child’s room twice as big, but it’s a modern, exciting way to design a room that is sure to make your child happy.

Upgrade Your Bedding

The bed is the central part of any kids bedroom, so it’s important that it looks nice. Upgrade your child’s bedding with high-quality, personalized designs from a company like Vision Bedding.

This decor is sure to get your child excited for bedtime.

Unique Storage Solutions

A cluttered room is not only stressful for you, it affects your child’s psyche. Consider investing in unique storage solutions for closets, dressers, and wardrobes that will give your kid more room for recreation with toys and games.

The more organized your child’s room is, the more likely they will maintain healthy organizational habits in the future.

A Kids Bedroom Should Be Their Safe Space

Using these tips and basic interior design sensibilities, you should be able to give your kid the upgraded room they deserve in no time. Have any more kid-friendly design tips? Please leave them in the comment section.

6 Fun Kids Bedroom Designs


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