6 Funky Life Hacks Every Woman Wishes She Knew Sooner

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Life Hack

Posted: 11 August 2017

Being a woman in the world has always been hard.

There are just sooo many things to take care of.

Sometimes we all need some extra help, and there’s no better than the ones that come in the form of life hacks.

Life hacks are clever ideas that other people found that save the day. Read our top six life hacks for women below.

Life Hacks for Women

Clear Cache for Clear Skies

When shopping for flights, the websites track computer and search information. This makes it easier to type in a destination with the drop-down recent text option, but it does more harm than good.

Every time someone visits the same flight tracker in a week’s time frame, the website takes notice. It assumes that it’s an important flight and raises the flight’s prices with each search!

To avoid this evil little trick, make sure to clean the browser’s cookies and history. Doing this between website visits will erase the travel site’s search memory. (Thanks to www.popularreviews.net for this hack!)


Ever feel like your inbox is constantly filled with trash? There’s a way to unsubscribe from all the junk mail at once and keep what you want.

The service is a website called unroll.me. It logs into an email account (with permission) and pulls up everything with an “unsubscribe”. Then, go through and unsubscribe from pesky time-wasters.

Make Coffee Ice-Cubes

Iced coffee is awesome for the woman on the go. There are no worries about it being too hot or getting cold before someone has the chance to drink it. The only downside? The ice can make everything too watery.

There is a hack for avoiding weak iced coffee. Make ice cubes out of coffee! Pour a fresh pot into an ice tray and add to drinks as needed. The coffee will stay cold and not watery.

Bracelet Trick

Struggling to put a bracelet on is frustrating. It seems to always be just out of reach. Thankfully there’s a way to do it without asking for help. Tape the eye side of the bracelet to the inside of the wrist.

Once it’s secured, it’s easy to clasp the hook on. Peel off the tape and it’s ready to go!

Eyelash Curler’s Double Life

This is the most ingenious hack on this list. Imagine someone who’s just moved into a new place. They want to open a beer after they’ve moved all that furniture, but the opener is still in a box.

As long as they have their makeup bag handy (and who doesn’t?) they’re not out of luck. They can grasp the bottle and the cap with an eyelash curler as a makeshift opener.

Duct Tape Blisters

This life hack comes from hikers and marathon runners. To prevent blisters, all that’s needed is a little duct tape. Place the duct tape in a place that blisters easily, like the back of the heel.

The tape will act as a barrier and moves less than a common band-aid. Keep a strip on hand and those new shoes won’t be such a pain!

With these life hacks, the world should seem a little friendlier. They’re also great to talk about or show off to friends. Keep these hacks in a back pocket, go out, and conquer!

6 Funky Life Hacks Every Woman Wishes She Knew Sooner

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