7 Benefits of Using a Display Tent for Outdoor Events

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Outdoor Tents

Posted: 19 January 2018

You’ve got an event coming up and it’s taking place outdoors. You’re not sure what your options are. How do you plan to attract customers in an eye-catching way, and stay protected from the elements?

Thanks to an outdoor display tent that offers use time and again, you won’t need another solution. If you’re worried a tent will cost more than it’s worth, we’ll show you why this isn’t true.

Learn more about why every organization should have one, and why they’re worth keeping around anytime you have an outdoor event.

Easy to Set up and Tear Down

When you’re setting up at a fair or similar type of event, you don’t want to spend a lot of time putting up and taking down your tent. It stands to reason that you want a display tent that offers protection while having a simple set up.

For many tents, it’s simple enough to raise the legs and make the tent as tall as you’d like it. You then expand the top of the tent to increase or decrease the width.

This makes getting set up a no-brainer. You won’t spend more time than necessary as you set up and tear down for each event.

Durable in All Types of Weather

When you’re planning for an outdoor tent at an event, you do so knowing you’re not in control of the weather. Even if your event takes place on a warm summer day, you want extra support from the sun or even possible rain.

There are individuals who specialize in planning outdoor events based on weather predictions. Still, knowing what the outcome will be is never a sure thing.

Tents offer protection regardless of what’s going on. Most are sturdy enough to hold against rain and wind, allowing you to sit outside and participate in your event regardless of the forecast.

Show off Your Company on Your Display Tent

You want folks to know what you’re all about before they even approach you. The best way to do this is by including the company name and logo on your tent.

Doing so:

  • Establishes a presence
  • Allows folks to filter out if they’re coming to see you
  • Gives individuals the chance to approach you with questions about your company

Brand awareness, particularly for brands that are famous, gets your name out and helps people see where you’re being represented. If someone visits your booth but doesn’t need your services today, it’s still a great opportunity for them to connect and get information.

Sometimes just getting your name out there and being on the radar is enough to get folks interested in your company, regardless of the services offered.

Light Enough to Carry Around

No one wants extra weight when setting up or tearing down a display tent. Besides product, information, and swag you’re handing out to folks, you don’t want a heavy tent to deal with.

The majority of display setups offer simple poles and easy, lightweight canvas. This makes set up as simple as putting on the canvas (if required) and adjusting the poles to create enough space for the tent.

If you find you need to pack up and move elsewhere during the fair or tradeshow, it’s easy enough with a lightweight tent. Look for one that meets your needs and doesn’t require an army to move it.

Looks Good No Matter Where You Are

Although many events take place outdoors, there are plenty during the winter months that get held inside. Some folks adjust their setup based on what type of location they’re at, but why should you?

A display tent offers dual use in indoor and outdoor settings. During many outdoor set-ups, its a necessity to have something that offers protection from wind, rain, and sun.

If you’re indoors, the same effects of the elements don’t apply but bring your tent anyway.

For those that are seeing you a second time, your tent is a familiar face. If you’re among new potential customers, your tent can attract their attention.

Colorful Prints to Attract Customers

When trying to stand out among a crowd of tents, it’s not easy to find the right balance between being professional and getting noticed. If you’re looking to incorporate some color into your tent, try choosing one with a print.

Look at Event Display expo displays and find the right solution for your needs. You’ll remain in compliance with your company while turning heads with prints that aren’t seen elsewhere.

Your tent has all of these qualities while still being lightweight and easy enough to manage. Best of all, you won’t fade into the background again the next time you head to a future event with your display tent.

Long-Lasting for Many Years

You understand the importance of spending money on your company while getting items that are of high enough quality. But it’s not something you want to continuously do every few years.

One area you won’t worry about after making an initial purchase is your display tent. Think of shopping for the right tent the same as buying high-quality furniture that’s made to last for a long time.

The right type of tent can stand up to heavy use both indoors and out, regardless of whether or how many times you’re putting up and taking it down. You’ll have an item for your next fair or expo that looks good and stands the test of time when you pick a quality tent.

Let Us Help

A display tent is a helpful way to get your company’s name out at a fair or expo and remain visible in the community. Make an investment in a tent today, and see how useful it is regardless of what you’re selling or where you are.

Check out our blog, and find other useful posts that can help your situation while saving money. If you’re looking for other ways to stay on budget, check out our blog on finding discounted office supply products.

Outdoor Tents

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