7 DIY Bathroom Storage Hacks

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Bathroom Storage Hacks

Posted: 11 May 2018

The bathroom is commonly the smallest room in your house. Yet, a bathroom has several functions.

And, more often than not, it’s that small space is shared by more than one person.

As a result, most of us find we’re sorely lacking in an appropriate amount of storage space.

Since the bathroom is one of the germiest rooms in our homes, it makes sense that we need to ensure everything is stored safely. But that is sometimes easier said than done.

With that in mind, here are seven DIY bathroom storage solutions.

1. Use Jars As A Bathroom Storage Solution For Smaller Items

There is a lot to be said about the adage, “out of sight, out of mind.” Especially when it comes to storing items in tiny bathrooms.

Glass or plastic jars can help with that. Instead of storing items like cotton balls, cotton swabs, or even makeup brushes store easily in jars.

They look great and you can easily see what you’re looking for. Make sure you can place tops on the jars to keep your items free from bacteria and other germs that tend to hang around in bathrooms.

2. Try Hanging Baskets On The Wall

There are plenty of bathroom storage ideas that are good solutions but they don’t always look that great.

Try using baskets to store items in your bathroom. But instead of storing them upright and on the ground where they’re sure to get in the way, hang them on the wall.

There are tons of different types of baskets to choose from. They come in all different sizes that are perfect for storage no matter how big or small your bathroom is.

They are also made in a variety of materials from plastic to straw. Find your favorite style and size and see how quickly it is to store, grab, and view all your items.

Click here for helpful tips on how to hang your baskets properly.

3. Organize Your Drawers With Utensil Trays

While it’s fine to have one junk drawer in your home, no good comes when they all end up looking like a junk drawer.

Especially in the bathroom. Certain items found in the bathroom shouldn’t come into direct contact with other items.

A utensil tray can help you separate everything neatly in your drawer. You’ll save time by not having to root around in your drawer and you’ll enjoy seeing how neat and orderly everything is.

Utensil trays also help to keep your drawers cleaner and free from harmful bacteria.

4. A Decorative Wine Rack Can Serve Multiple Purposes

For many of us, a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine go perfectly together.

But if you’re short on space in your bathroom, it’s not always so easy to indulge in this meditative ritual.

Now you can store your wine right in your bathroom.

And decorative wine rack can do more than just keep a bottle handy for those times when you need to soak in a hot tub.

You can also use them to store rolled towels and your loofah brush.

Best of all, you can hang it right in your shower so you don’t have to reach for your bottle or your towel.

5. Get A Shower Organizer

Some people manage to somehow only require soap, shampoo, and a razor in their shower.

Storage isn’t a necessity for them.

Then there are those who like to keep multiple bottles of shampoo and conditioner on hand.

Some people like variety so much it looks like they bought out their local pharmacy.

They have their facial cleansers, brushes, combs, mud masks, and bath salts on hand as well.

And these items need to be nearby the shower or bath at all times.

Which is why all shower storage ideas should start with a shower organizer.

The individual pockets allow everything to have a designated spot for storage. The holes near the top connect to shower curtain hooks so you’ll never have to hop out of the shower to grab what you need.

Just make sure you get an organizer that has mesh pockets. Otherwise, the water can’t drain and you’ll end up with mold and mildew.

6. Hang A Tension Rod To Hang Items Underneath The Sink

Tiny bathrooms force us to think outside the box and discover new spots where we can find storage.

Underneath the sink is just one of those places. There’s actually more real estate there than you probably assumed.

You just never thought to look up.

By hanging a tension rod towards the top of the bathroom cabinet, you have just gained additional storage space.

It’s the perfect place to hang and store your cleaning supplies until you need them

And when you’re done cleaning, it’s easy to simply hang them back on the rod and out of sight.

Just be careful not to mess with the pipes during installation. And if you run into any plumbing issues while organizing, contact Ben Franklin Plumbing to help you out.

7. Get A Lazy Susan To Save On Sink Space

Lazy Susan’s are great inventions. You can place them nearly anywhere and gain extra storage.

For those people who don’t have a lot of horizontal storage space, a lazy Susan is a perfect solution.

Try placing a lazy Susan on your bathroom counter or any other available space. You can store items like your beauty products where they are easily accessible.

Having the ability to turn the lazy Susan around means you can grab and see whatever you need. You can also store more items.

But a lazy Susan goes one step further by being multi-tiered. Store larger items on the bottom and smaller items at the top.

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Bathroom Storage Hacks

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