7 Key Frugal Living Tips to Help You Get by with Less

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Frugal Living

Posted: 11 May 2018

Not everyone lives the life of luxury. Not everyone wants to, either. Many of us are quite content to live within our means. In fact, it is a way of life for a lot of people, to reduce their ecological footprint and declutter their lives.

If you have suddenly found yourself in a situation where you need to cut back, reduce spending or just want to cut the unnecessary spending out, there are some easy and painless ways to do it.

Here are some frugal living tips we can all live with. We probably spend a lot of money we don’t need to, mostly out of habit and not need. Once you start, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Frugal Living Tips

It is amazing how much you can save on everyday spending. Just making yourself aware and practicing these easy tips will ease your financial strain.

1. Make a List

Keep a list of the things you buy throughout the day and their cost. That extra package of gum, the bottle of water from the corner store, or the takeaway sandwich from the deli.

These add up. Once you have them on paper, you will see how much you spent and overpaid for things you didn’t really need. This is the first step in making a plan. You need to plan before you can just jump into it.

However, if you are deeply in debt and need help to pay off something that is really bothering you, you can find help from this website. You can make discrete inquiries online, to get yourself back in the game.

2. Stop the Extras

Once you have found the areas you can cut back, start doing it. The expensive coffee and pastry you have every morning can really add up. The lunch at the restaurant or the specialty takeaway shop can easily be stopped.

Make your own coffee at home and take it in your travel mug or thermos. You can make your own muffins at home, and not only are they cheaper, they are far healthier, as you know what is in them.

The price you pay for that daily soup or sandwich can easily feed you for a week by making them at home and packing your own lunch each day. Again, you can make it how you like, without being charged for extra items.

3. Take Transit

If you drive, you should sell or park the car. The cost of gas, insurance, and maintenance alone can buy you a year’s worth of transit trips. It’s better for the environment, you can work or listen to music, it’s far less stressful and faster.

It is amazing how much money and stress you will save by letting go of the car. No more stuck in traffic and being so stressed by the time you arrive, you have no coming back from that.

That’s no way to live.

Public transit may not be as glamorous as your fancy car, but it is the best live show you will get for the price. You never know who or what you will see. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

4. Buy Used

You can find almost anything you need secondhand. From clothes to dishes, to appliances and books. You can even find brand names in second hand stores. Check the stores in high-end areas, and get all your designer gear for a fraction of the price.

You are often supporting a great community cause by shopping at a store selling gently loved gods and you are keeping them out of landfills. You really never know what kinds of gems you will find and it is a great afternoon of poking around a cool store.

5. Let Go of Brands

Being brand-loyal is usually just a waste of money. There are some areas where you need to be careful, but things like laundry soap, clothes, snack foods and other extras like condiments or paper goods.

Another frugal living tip is to buy generic brands of over the counter medications. Things like antacids or pain relief can cost half as much as brand names, yet they all contain the exact same ingredients.

In some products, there is a grade scale but you never need the best. It’s really the same thing, just with a few different ingredients. often, you are only paying for the name.

6. Cable and Phone

Cutting the cable is a great way to save money. How many times have you complained there is nothing on? You can have a basic package if you need or just stream it online. This works well for the single person or a couple who like to watch different shows.

The phone bill can be streamlined or cut down, as well. Take off the internet from your phone and see if you can get a package for all the phones in the house. Calling your provider and saying you found a better deal is the best way to get a discount or other bonuses.

7. Sell Stuff

Take your clothes you don’t wear and other old toys or kids items to a consignment store. You can make a nice packet of money from some of your old items. It is a way to lighten your life and help your community at the same time.

Look online for items you may have that a collector is looking for. It’s a great way to unload old books, records and other items you no longer use. Some things you have sitting around may be worth quite a bit of money.

Be Happier

You will be surprised how much easier your new streamlined life will be. Less clutter, less stress, you will feel better and be able to let go of things as well as the idea of having them.

We hope our frugal living tips are of help to you. It is easier than you might think. Once you start, you will appreciate life so much more. Here are some other ways to make your life easier.

Frugal Living

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