7 Men’s Summer Fashion Trends for Your Man to Rock in the Heat

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Men's Summer Fashion

Posted: 17 May 2018

You’re tired of the football jerseys, Teva sandals, and baggy shorts that your man rocks during summer. You want to replace them with something that will look and feel stylish.

But, there is a problem.

There is so many men’s summer fashion clothing, and you don’t know which ones will help you transform your man’s wardrobe and create the desired impression. What should you do?

Well, worry not.

Here are seven men’s summer styles that you should keep in mind when looking at summer fashion for men.

1. The Shorts: Bolder Colored or Patterned Shorts

Because it’s summer, you’ll probably want to go for chino shorts. Chinos never go out of fashion and are very comfortable.

You should, however, avoid khaki chino shorts. Yes, khaki shorts are hot and exude the aura of a privileged lifestyle. But let’s face it; every man out there has a khaki short in their wardrobe.

For this reason, investing in khaki shorts will only make your man look like everyone else.

If you want to add life to your man’s wardrobe, go for bolder colored or patterned chino shorts.

These types of shorts will help put your man in good light and give them confidence.

If the aim is to make your man stand out just a little bit, then black or navy would be best.

If you’re the type that likes to play safe, go for athletic shorts. There are people who think that athleisure is a fad that will grow old someday. They are wrong!

The athleisure trend is becoming bigger and better. It’ll not leave then fashion world anytime soon; it’s here to stay.

Can you go for denim shorts? Yes, you can. You should, however, note that these shorts can’t go with every outfit.

Here is what you should keep in mind when buying men’s shorts.

Ensure the Shorts You Buy Are Above the Knee

Avoid baggy and long shorts. These types of shorts will give your man a messy appearance.

Instead, go for shorts that are above the knee. These types of shorts will give your man the unique and stylish look that you are looking for.

They’ll also help you bring a perfect balance between comfort and sophistication.

Go for Shorts That Are Adaptable to Formalities

Investing in shorts that cannot be worn in a wider range of situations is waste of money.

For cost-effectiveness, make sure the shorts you buy are suitable for both casual and formal events.

2. The Pants: No Dark Wash Indigo

Want your man to slip on some stylish jeans this summer? Well, remember these two rules!

First, it’s summer! You’re allowed to be creative. Second, avoid dark wash indigo.

It’s true that dark wash indigo pants are timeless and versatile, but they’ll not give your man the look you want this summer. You can invest in dark wash indigo when the colder months sweep in.

Go for lighter shades. These types of jeans don’t absorb heat; your man will be comfortable when wearing them.

But that’s not all. These types of jeans are not only modern but also fashionable.

What about Chino pants?

You are allowed to be creative when it comes to Chino pants. You should, however, avoid being too bold with your colors.

That does not mean that you should stick to khaki Chino pants, no! Feel free to experiment with colors. Just don’t be too bold.

3. The Shirts: Plain or Vertically Striped Shirts

Most people think that all you have to do when choosing a summer shirt is to ensure that it’s light.

That’s not true. Choosing a summer shirt is more than just keeping things light; it’s picking a shirt that’s comfortable, unique, and hard to dislike.

If you want your man to rock shirts this summer, you can go for stylish plain light-colored shirts. They’re quite attractive, not to mention that they’re always an easy find.

Ensure the plain shirt you choose is light and won’t give your man a heat stroke.

If your man is confident and likes to be different; you can invest in a vertically striped shirt. If you’re looking to invest in short sleeved shirts, you can never go wrong with patterned short sleeves.

Avoid Hawaiian shirts; they’ll make your man look like a weekend dad. You should, however, note that avoiding Hawaiian shirts does not mean “no flowers”.

If you find a flora shirt that’s stylish and unique, buy it! Just ensure you keep it light and breezy.

What about T-shirts?

The same rules apply: keep things light and breezy.

If you want something simple and relaxed, go for graphic tees. However, you should avoid T-shirts that have awful jokes. Want a T-shirt that will help your man make a strong fashion statement? Striped T-shirts are always a solid bet.

If your aim is to invest in something that lends your man some class, you can go for long sleeve button ups or short sleeve button ups.

You can also go for Polos. Yes, polo T-shirts will give your man a preppy look. But that’s not a bad thing.

You can visit International Clothiers for these outfits and other trendy clothing.

4. The Outerwear: Go Something Light and Versatile

As a caring girlfriend or wife, you want to ensure your man has an outerwear that will help keep him warm when the sun drops.

So, what should you go for when looking for a summer outerwear?

You should note that your man is not going to be wearing an outerwear all day. For this reason, you should pick something that’s lightweight. It should also match with almost any outfit in your man’s wardrobe.

Bomber jackets are a great option. Just ensure the Bomber jacket you pick is thin and neutral.

You can also go for unlined denim jackets. Again, go for lighter shades. Our ultimate guide to summer style can help you make the right choices.

5. The Shoes: Relaxed Shoes

The loafer trend is another option you cannot ignore when it comes to summer fashion for men.

Loafers are usually relaxed and have a sleek and gleaming finish that will make your man look cool and relaxed. They can also fit a variety of situations and are adaptable to formalities.

If loafers are not the shoes you want, you can go for boat shoes or vans. They’ll also give your man the freedom of movement while keeping him cool.

When buying vans, be creative with your colors. You don’t want your man’s sneakers to be dull, do you?

If you want to play safe, go for black or white sneakers. Black or white sneakers are versatile enough to go with any outfit.

6. Accessories: Sunglasses Should Be Polarized

Sunglasses will not only help protect your man from the sun but also help make his summer outfits more attractive and sophisticated.

This accessory is, therefore, a must-have. Make sure you invest in polarized sunglasses for your man this summer.

If your man loves hats, buy something that he’ll wear to a baseball game.

Want your man to wear a watch this summer? Well, invest in something that’s comfortable.

Avoid rubber or metal watches; they’re heavy and not suitable for the warm season.

Go for a watch that lightweight. Ensure you don’t sacrifice aesthetics.

If you don’t know the watch to go for, you can buy a watch that has canvas straps. Canvas straps are light and will add more stylishness to your man’s look.

You can check out our clothing and accessories giveaways for your loved one.

6. Office Fashion: Light and Sophisticated

Your man will also be required to update his office wardrobe before summer starts.

There are rules that must be followed when it comes to office summer fashion for men. Your man should avoid heavy office outfits.

Make sure he invests in office outfits that are relaxed and made of light fabrics such as cotton or linen. He should also choose lighter colors. This will help keep him fashionable and comfortable.

While shorts are acceptable during summer, your man should avoid wearing them in the office. They may not be acceptable.

What You Should Know When Investing in These Men’s Summer Fashion

Keep Things Simple

This is the first rule when it comes to summer dress for men. We understand that you want to make your man look and feel stylish.

But that does not mean you should complicate things. Keep things simple. This will make it easy for you to discover your man’s style.

Fit Is King

If you want your man to look great, ensure everything he wears fits perfectly. Consider his body shape and skin tone before you invest in an outfit.


Make sure you invest in items that will last for years. Avoid cheap items. Most of these items are made of substandard materials and will disappoint you.

Make Your Man Part of the Process

Yes, it’s a known fact that women are the main architects when it comes to keeping their men fashionable. But that does not mean you should make fashion decisions without involving your man.

Make him part of the process. Involving him will make the whole process easy and successful.

Bottom Line

Like most fashionable styles, men’s summer fashion trends come and go. However, the seven men’s summer trends discussed above have a fair amount of hanging around.

Invest in them and they’ll help make your man look fashionable, regardless of their body type and skin tone.

You can find more captivating posts on this and other topics when you visit our blog.

Men's Summer Fashion

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