Why a Babysitter Background Check is Important

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Babysitter Background Check

Posted: 14 May 2018

With the average cost of raising a child around $250,000, it’s hard to parse out exactly how much is spent on childcare.

For parents who need to be out of the house every day for work, this can feel like both a necessary but frustrating expenditure. Running a babysitter background check is the best way to ensure that you’re at least paying for someone good.

Running background checks can share work, criminal, and educational history. Background checks have pretty much all the information that police have but in a reader-friendly format. If you’ve never run a background check on someone, you might be surprised at how in depth they can be.

If you’re in the midst of hiring a babysitter, you might have considered a background check.

Here are 6 reasons what you need one.

1. Criminal History Is Hard To Talk About

When you’re interviewing a babysitter, you might feel like you hit it off right away. What’s most important is that you and your children feel comfortable around your babysitter. While you should trust your instinct, a background check is essential to know just who you’re talking to.

If you find a criminal background, don’t jump to conclusions. Your background check should provide you with some history of the person. They might have an issue in their past that they don’t even think about.

It can be something as simple as having stolen a car for a joyride at sixteen. If at 28, they don’t feel like it needs to come up in conversation about a job, they might have a point.

Now, if they were in jail for a violent crime for 10 years, you might have another issue on your hands.

2. They Might Not Be A Great Driver

Even if everything checks out with your babysitter, you might find out they have a spotty driving record. While this might not matter if you’re living in the middle of a city, you might need them to drive from time to time.

If your babysitter is doing lots of driving and has a history of wrecking cars, you might want to go with a sitter who can drive better.

Don’t feel the need to judge an applicant outright, but if you feel like you need to prioritize driving, trust your judgment.

3. Double Check Their Education

Some people hire a babysitter or a nanny for a specific skill. Some will ask that they speak a certain language or teach a particular musical skill. While some babysitters will claim that they have the education to do it, you should always double check.

You might find that your babysitter who claimed they knew how to speak French never studied in France. While it’s not a huge deal if they don’t know exactly what you need them to, it might be a bigger deal that they would lie. When dealing with your children, you need people to be sincere.

It might make you feel guilty to deny a great candidate a job, but you must remember that if you accept a lie now, what might you have to accept later?

4. They Might Move Around A Lot

Someone who has lived all over the world can bring lots of exciting experiences into your child’s life. This can be a good thing, but not always. While moving around often isn’t something to judge a candidate for, they might leave you hanging without warning if they’ve got too much wanderlust.

The might also have a fun, weird hobby with a niche that requires them to move.

You don’t need to raise this issue with them directly, but listen if they say they’re thinking about moving or traveling. If it seems like they’ve been bringing up a foreign country a lot, be sure to ask them about it. They might be perfectly willing to be honest, even if they fear it will ost their job.

People who move a lot have a lot of great things to share with us, but kids need stability and dependability. They need someone who won’t leave at a moment’s notice.

5. They Might Have Faked a Reference

This is a pretty tricky idea to navigate. If your babysitter said they worked for a certain family in a certain city, a free background check could tell you if they were ever in that city at all. Finding out they might be faking a reference is something you’ll have to approach them about.

Tell them that you couldn’t find the record or couldn’t connect with the person. It might be a simple misunderstanding, but it’s important to clear it up as soon as possible. You don’t want to be living under the sneaking suspicion that the person who takes care of your children could lie to you about something major.

6. Peace Of Mind

Probably the biggest reason to have a babysitter background check done is to ensure that you don’t feel like you have to worry when you’re not around. Being able to leave your kids behind and focus on your work will be more fulfilling to you when you’re away. The feeling of want or worry can do a number on our brains.

When we’re worried about our survival or the survival of those who we love, it’s hard to find any rest at all.

Once you’ve done a background check, you’ll know more than you ever needed to know about this person who is tasked with caring for your children. It’s better to have too much information than not enough.

A Babysitter Background Check Is Important

While you might have had a great interview with your prospective hire, it’s the background check where you find out the dirt on them.

Even if you get a background check, you should talk to them as openly as they want about any experiences they’ve had. If they don’t know you’ve run a babysitter background check, there’s no reason to freak them out with the news.

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Babysitter Background Check

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