How Bathroom Blinds Take Your Bathroom from Okay to Great

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bathroom blinds

Posted: 29 December 2017

Although most people love the windows in their home and appreciate the sunlight and peek outside they bring, they normally don’t feel this way about their bathroom window.

It’s the most private room in the house, so why is there a window to begin with? While the answer to this question proves difficult, especially if you aren’t the original homeowner, the facts still remain.

You have a bathroom window and you need to do something about it. The solution?

Bathroom blinds that offer the perfect amount of privacy to a little extra light based on when you want it.

Read on to learn more about how these window treatments make a difference.

Blinds Offer Privacy

Let’s address the obvious: if you have windows in your bathroom, you want privacy. From using the toilet to taking a shower, you don’t want to advertise your activities to the neighbors.

Although there are a variety of ways to cover your windows, blinds make the most practical sense. They don’t cost much and are simple to put up.

If you need to peek out the window for any reason, you can easily do so without revealing yourself.

It’s not uncommon for older houses to have small windows in the bathrooms. Although they don’t serve any practical purpose, adding small blinds onto your bathroom windows provides a nice touch and makes it feel more like home.

Bathroom Blinds Offer Light Control

There are times when you want a lot of light in your house (or any given room). By having blinds, you can choose to let light in, or keep it as dark as you want.

This is useful when you want to air the bathroom out, or simply want some fresh air on a spring day. You could even open the window and take advantage of the airflow while keeping the blinds closed.

Unlike curtains, which are more of an all-or-nothing deal, blinds in the bathroom allow you greater control of the light. Choosing blinds gives you flexibility in how your room looks and how much light you want to allow in.

Blinds Make Your Bathroom Stand Out

Since most bathrooms don’t have windows, anytime one does, it instantly stands out in the eyes of guests. When searching for the perfect window covering, you’ll want something that suits your sense of style.

Blinds and Designs has decor for your bathroom that allows you to create a personalized look.

Choose from textures and designs when picking your blinds such as:

  • Aluminium
  • Fake wood
  • Up and down blinds

If the blinds are for a children’s bathroom, you’ll want something that is simple and easy to clean up. If you’re decorating the master bathroom, a more polished look that is mature or matches a theme is best.

If blinds on their own still aren’t enough to match your tastes, there’s no reason to settle. Make blinds your main covering, and then choose another accent, such as curtains.

You’ll end up with results that customize your bathroom the way you would like while having a personalized look that matches your tastes.

Blinds Are Easier to Clean

It’s no secret that bathrooms get dirty quickly. Anytime someone in your family gets sick or you’re dealing with a mess children left behind from a bath, you’ll want to clean the whole room.

If you’re looking for quick and easy ways to get keep the room clean, pick blinds for your window treatments. Bathroom blinds can easily be removed and don’t require a separate laundering like curtains would.

You don’t need to worry about staining as you would with curtains. Unless the blinds are made with a special finish, they’re easily washed with soap and water.

If you want coverings for your bathroom windows, but don’t want to spend a lot of time fussing over cleaning them, pick bathroom blinds. They are less work, yet complete the finishing touch of the bathroom decor.

Blinds Help Set the Mood

A bathroom is not a bathroom for everyone. If you are trying to set the mood and turn your bathroom into your own personal luxury spa, you’ll want the room to reflect that.

Instead of choosing plain window treatments, consider the look you’re going for. Do you want your bathroom to have:

  • The feeling of being in a tropical rainforest?
  • A room fit for royalty?
  • A beach look?

Whatever you choose, it’s important to have window treatments that help reflect that. If you choose a tropical rainforest, look for blinds that have a faux wood treatment.

If you’re going for a beach look, seek out blinds that are light and airy, making it easy for a breeze to come through. Even if you don’t use your windows often while in the bathroom, having them decorated provides a finishing touch and makes the room look complete.

Let Us Help

Even if your bathroom has a window, don’t let that get in the way of decorating. Instead, see it as a bonus, and look for fun ways to make it as individual as you.

Bathroom blinds provide a finishing touch and help complete any type of look you’re going for. It doesn’t matter if your bathroom windows are never opened.

Once you see the difference these finishing touches make, you won’t want to go with a mere frosted pane of glass ever again.

If you’re looking for fun ways to redecorate your bathroom, we can help. Check out our blog, and learn more about the latest giveaways we’re hosting.

Enter today and get a chance to win anything, from new furniture to vacations and more.

bathroom blinds

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