The Best Father’s Day Gifts of 2018

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Father's Day Gifts

Posted: 26 May 2018

Struggling to find something for father’s day? If a card and a tie or some nasty aftershave won’t cut it, then you’ll need to get a bit more creative. Dad often takes a backseat in the gift-getting department, so let’s change that.

The best father’s day gifts are the ones that hit dad where he lives. They show thought, care and that you made an effort. You don’t have to break the bank, but you don’t need change back from a fiver, either.

Let’s take a look at some more personal gift for dad that he will enjoy.

Best Father’s Day Gifts

Before you rush to the mall for something at the last minute, take some time to plan out what dad might want. Has he hinted at anything? It might help to make a list of things he does enjoy and shop around those ideas.

Home Related

If dad loves to tinker around the house, use that as your base for gifts.


it may seem to you to be impersonal, but it might not feel that way to dad. If he loves to fix things, repair and improve, then more tools can never go amiss. Find out what he needs and get it for him.

It might be something that he is reluctant to buy, deeming it expensive or frivolous, so what better way to surprise him. The best gifts are those we want but would never buy for ourselves.


Is it time dad moved into this century? Maybe a tablet or an e-reader is just the thing to bring dad up to date. Or, if dad’s mobile phone weighs two pounds and has a retractable antenna, perhaps a new cell phone.

Maybe dad could use a new big screen, high-def television. Maybe GPS, or a smartwatch. If games are his thing, an entertainment package with electronic games, or cartridges for the one he has.


If dad has been cursing at the same old crap on television for years now, consider getting him a cable package. Something with sporting events, concerts, old movies or something with tv, phone, and internet will make him happy.

Activity Related

If dad is very active you can shop around his love of activity.


Get dad a membership for the gym, for a local swimming pool or exercise classes. If he is new to it, swimming lessons, a personal trainer or you can go the equipment route.

Finding something dad will enjoy with the whole family might be a new bike, running gear or a family pass to the gym or pool. There are great deals to be found on treadmills, exercise bikes and home gym equipment to get dad up and active

Tickets to Events

It may be something dad would never buy for himself, like seasons tickets to his favorite hockey or baseball team. These are often interchangeable, so he can trade with a friend or family members when he can’t make the home game.


Besides the gym, maybe dad would benefit from a gift of a different type of self-improvement. Perhaps a consultation for scar or mole removal from a local cosmetic surgeon, or some teeth improvements from the dentist. Having his teeth cleaned or whitened, maybe a few caps to fix some small chips, maybe even a gold grill to bring the bling.

Food Related

A new backyard grill or BBQ, accessories for the grill or in the kitchen, new cookware or cookbooks. The list can be endless when it comes to dad and his stomach.

There are also gift certificates for his favorite restaurant, an evening at home with a personal chef, or a dull spice rack with all kinds of new and old favorites for dads to try.

A gift basket with dad’s favorite foods, gift certificates for his favorite specialty shops or an ongoing gift, like beer of the month club, where each month has a new feature, delivered right to his door.

Personality Related

Some custom or vintage jewelry for dad is always a nice touch. You can have something custom made, or find something that marks a milestone, like first-time dad, or first grandchild.

There are beautiful items available, like vintage watches from Watches of Wales, if dad loves old watches. They are personal and collectible. They add a touch of class to any occasion.

Artistically Related

There is nothing like receiving a gift that is handmade, whether it is a drawing from your toddler or something handcrafted from wood. Whether you can sew, knit or carve a bust from marble, dad will always treasure your handmade gifts.

This can be a photo album or a collage of pictures mounted or frames. A painting, or maybe some art classes, to spark that inner Picasso.

Perhaps you could throw a party, invite his friends, rent a karaoke machine, and just let dad let loose for the day. Sometimes, it’s all he needs is to belt out a few tunes and throw back a few cold beers.

Gift of Self

This can be anything that dad needs. You can make a voucher booklet, and have different activities that you can do for dad. Maybe if they are a new father, a gift of babysitting.

Perhaps vouchers for yard work, mowing the lawn, painting the garage or cleaning the eavestroughs. These are a nice gift that can really help dad out. Maybe it’s just an afternoon away with his friends, while you hold down the house or watch the kids.


Dad is going to love whatever you get him because it came from you. The best father’s day gifts are often not gifts, at all, but the time he gets to spend with you. But when you can find something that reflects personally on dad, it makes it that much better.

If you need more ideas, keep reading for fashions for dad this summer to keep in cool in more ways than one. Be nice to your dad, regardless what you get him.

Father's Day Gifts


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