Terms and Conditions

Your Giveaway Listing Must Include:

  • What the Prize Is – It’s also a good idea to include the monetary value of the prize if you know it.  Be descriptive!  Keep in mind that a vague prize listing will result in less entries.  Also keep in mind that listings with clear photos of the prizes get more entries.
  • End Date – Most giveaway widgets include this automatically.  However if you collect entries by comment or other entry form, you must list an end date in your post.
  • Country and Age Restrictions – for example:  US and Canada 18+, Worldwide 13+, etc
  • The real url.  While we realize that you may want to use a url shortener for tracking purposes, most giveaway directories will not publish listings with shortened urls.

If your giveaway post does not include this information, your order will be delayed or not processed at all.

Types of Giveaway Listings we do NOT accept:

  • Giveaways that are not free to enter (lotteries or raffles)
  • Giveaways where the prize is adult in nature (cigarettes, alcohol, sex toys, etc).
  • Freebies where everyone gets what is being given away.  We only list sweepstakes or contests.
  • Giveaways which exist solely to harvest contact information to try to sell something (timeshares, etc).
  • Giveaways that do not have a definitive end date (i.e. they end after getting a certain number of followers).
  • Giveaway posts that are not written in English.

We reserve the right to refuse any advertising orders (giveaway submission, display ad, guest post or review) which we feel are not appropriate in nature. If we’re unable to fulfill your request, we will refund any payment made for that particular order that was denied.

By submitting an advertising order (giveaway submission, display ad, guest post or review) to Blog Giveaway Directory, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • We communicate with the email provided in your submission.
  • We do not guarantee how much traffic an advertising package (giveaway submission, display ad, guest post or review) will generate. There are elements that are out of our control. Your ad’s success may depend on the appeal of the content, how your post is written, how many other similar giveaways are running at the same time, and so forth. Some content is inherently more popular in nature.
  • Each giveaway package is to advertise one giveaway only.  If you are running 2 giveaways and want to promote both, you will need to submit each separately.
  • Please allow up to 24 hours following receipt of payment for your order to be processed (excluding weekends).  Anything submitted after about 4 pm EST will probably be started the next day.
  • No orders are processed on weekends or holidays.  Anything submitted after 5 pm EST on Friday through Sunday evening will be processed Monday.
  • At times it may be necessary to modify an advertising package. However any orders placed before the changes will be processed under the terms at the time of initial order.

There will be a fee if you need changes made after your order has begun (for giveaway listings).  This includes, but is not limited to, a change in the end date of your giveaway or an update of the giveaway url.

If you need to change your listing(s) – submit this form.

Free Listings

We receive a lot of submissions each day and we attempt to post everything we receive. However, we reserve the right to not post a giveaway if it does not abide by the terms laid out below.

  • Please limit your entries to once per unique giveaway.  We check for duplicates.  If you need more exposure for your giveaway, we offer advertising packages at reasonable rates.
  • Family-friendly giveaways only please.
  • Your giveaway must be free to enter. We do no accept giveaways that require a purchase or donation of any kind as a mandatory entry, no matter how good of a cause it may be. The mandatory entry must be free but you are welcome to use the purchase or donation as a second entry. Any giveaways that are not free to enter will be deleted.
  • Giveaway submissions need to be in the English language. We welcome international giveaway submissions, but we need to understand what we’re posting.
  • Please only submit giveaways that are already up and running. Giveaways that are not currently live will not be listed.
  • Please submit the direct link for your giveaway and not the main url to your blog. If I have to hunt down the direct link, your giveaway won’t be listed.
  • Do not post a shortened URL, post the actual URL to the page only.
  • Please keep your prize description interesting and under 2,000 characters. 
  • No shortened urls please.  We need the actual link for your giveaway.
  • We don’t list freebies.  This blog is for giveaways where there is a winner (contests, sweepstakes, etc.).
  • In exchange, we ask that you link back to Blog Giveaway Directory from your sidebar or footer.  You can use either the button code (left sidebar) or a text link back to Blog Giveaway Directory. We hope you won’t mind adding a link back in return for your free posting. We do check for the reciprocal link and we make sure it actually links back to our site. Most submissions are honest and we thank you!  Giveaways without a reciprocal link will not be posted unless you have purchased a premium listing.