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5 Easy Steps to Pass Employment Drug

5 Easy Steps to Pass Employment Drug Tests and Get Your Dream Job

With the rising popularity of drugs, more and more employers are now testing job candidates for weed, CBD, and even anabolic steroids. They can detect just about any drug, from medications to cocaine. If you’re concerned about the results, check out this guide on how to pass a drug test and get your dream job!

Mining for Bitcoins

An Introduction to Mining for Bitcoins: 5 Things You Need to Know

Before you dive into mining for bitcoins, there are some things you’ll need to know first. Today’s article is going to explain the very basics of mining for cryptocurrency. We’ll talk about what you’ll need to get started, how to begin mining, and how long it could take to mine for a single bitcoin.

You're Injured While on Vacation?

What Should You Do If You’re Injured While on Vacation?

Going on vacation is a great way to enjoy a little down time. But, what happens when you get hurt on your dream vacation? Do you know what to do? In this article, you’ll learn what to do if you get hurt or sick while abroad so that you know exactly what to do in case of an emergency.


7 Home Modifications to Make Your Home Senior-Friendly

Is your mom or dad moving in with you? Caring for senior parents isn’t always easy. But you can make it easier on them and yourself by making your home senior-friendly. Here are 7 home modifications to help your aging parent.

Air Conditioning Costs

7 Simple Ways You Can Cut Down On Your Home Air Conditioning Costs

When money is tight, the cost of a high electric bill is enough to make you sweat bullets. Luckily, cutting down on air conditioning costs is fairly simple. Read on to learn seven simple ways you can do this.


Scrum: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Scrum is a methodology that gives your team the ability to organize themselves and make changes quickly in accordance with agile principles. Learn more about scrum, becoming a scrum master, and more in this article!

Frugal Tips for Renovating

8 Frugal Tips for Renovating Your Home

Home renovations can get expensive quick, especially if you aren’t monitoring your budget. Here are 8 frugal tips for renovating your house without breaking the bank.

Ultimate Tax Hacks

Top 5 Ultimate Tax Hacks You Need to Know About

Is there really such a thing as tax hacks? Yes, yes there is. Here are our top 5 picks of ultimate tax hacks that you should know about so you can start saving money in no time!

Contact Lenses

Bad Vision? Here’s Your Guide to Different Types of Contact Lenses

Millions of people need some sort of eyewear to enhance their poor vision. If you’ve recently been told that you need to wear glasses or contacts, check out this guide to the different types of contact lenses available to you.

Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

Chasing Dust Bunnies: 8 Thrifty Tips for Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

With so many vacuum cleaners on the market today, how can you choose one that’s right for your home and within budget? Check out these 8 tips for buying a vacuum cleaner.

Save Energy

10 Thrifty Tips for How to Save Energy at Your Business

Running a business comes with a lot of costs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce your energy costs and help to save the planet at the same time? Learn how to save energy at your business with these 10 thrifty tips.

Things to Do When You Move

12 Important Things to Do When You Move

Moving to a new home is never easy, but if you’re prepared you can make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. Here’s a list of the 12 most important things to do when you move.

Packing for Vacation

20 Things People Often Forget When Packing for Vacation

In your excitement to finally go on that fabulous summer getaway, make sure you don’t forget these commonly forgotten items when you’re packing for vacation!

Trade-in Value

How to Make an Old Car Look New and Increase Your Trade-in Value

Taking good care of your vehicle can give your trade-in value a major boost. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid all wear and tear. This guide will teach you what you need to know about how to make an old car look new so you can get top dollar on your next trade-in.

Best Self Defense Weapons

5 of the Best Self Defense Weapons for a Woman to Carry

The world can be a scary place, so protection should be a must have when you’re out and about. Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-carry key chain that packs a powerful punch or a full blown taser, here are some of the best self defense weapons a woman can have today!

Chronic Lateness

Chronic Lateness: 6 Tips for Dealing with Employees Who Are Always Late

As a businesswoman, you already have tons of stuff to deal with. Chronic lateness from your employees shouldn’t be one of those things. If you’re struggling to get your employees to come on time, here are tips that will help you manage them in a more effective manner.

First Rental Property

Top 10 Must-Know Tips for Buying Your First Rental Property

You’re excited and ready to buy your first rental property. But, before you get in too deep, there are some things you need to know. Read on to learn these ten must-know tips for buying your first rental property.

Sensory Processing Disorder

9 Tips for Sensory Processing Disorder Treatment at Home

Does your child have SPD or sensory processing disorder? If you want to do sensory processing disorder treatment at home, there are certain activities and home hacks you can try. Here are 9 tips for in-home SPD treatment.

American Traditions

Strange American Traditions Foreigners Don’t Understand

Here in the US, there are quite a few (read: A LOT!) of American traditions and customs that cause foreigners to do a double take. Here’s a list of strange American customs and traditions that feel completely normal to us, but strange to the rest of the world.

Ultimate Guide to Visiting Chicago

Your Ultimate Guide to Visiting Chicago on a Budget

The Windy City has it all: sports, culture, shopping, and more. But, with so much to do you can end up spending more money than you bargained for. Check out this ultimate guide to visiting Chicago on a budget.

Tax Refund

5 Financially Sound Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

When you get the good news that you’re getting a fat tax refund, you may want to go on a shopping spree. Instead of doing that, you may want to check out this list of financially sound ways to spend that refund.