How to Choose the Best Time of Year to Sell Your House

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Sell Your House

Posted: 18 October 2018

So you’ve decided to sell your home. To maximize your return and minimize the time on the market, you’ve to list your property at the best time to sell a house.

Your timing will depend on factors such as the property, location, market, among others. Do you know what’s the best time of year to sell a house in your area?

You might think your timing isn’t important but, it is. Selling your home at the wrong time can translate into not capitalizing on your investment. We’ll give you some pointers to know if it’s the right time to sell your house.

When Is the Best Time of Year to Sell a House?

When you decided to sell your home, you might’ve thought that you were done with the hardest part. Yet, there’s more to selling your home than listing it and hiring the best real estate agent.

How can you know when is the best time to sell a house?

Here are some tips that can help you sell your house fast at the best time of the year:

1. Sell Your House in Spring or Fall

Spring is the most popular season for selling homes. Most people are in the market because they received their tax rebates. It makes it easier for them to afford the costs of buying a house including the down payment.

Also, some experts say that more properties are sold at full price during spring. If you decide to sell later, fall can be a great season for selling. If your area experiences mild weather, it might be the best time to sell your home.

2. Stay Away from Listing During Summer and Holiday Months

Many people vacation during summer. This means that there won’t be that many buyers in the market. If you want to get full price or more for your property, you shouldn’t sell during the summer months. Also, you should try not to list your house during the holiday season.

People are busy this time of the year. Most of them won’t be looking to buy a house. This can translate into your home remaining in the market longer making it less appealing to buyers.

3. Hire an Expert

Before hiring an expert, you should research your neighborhood. You should look at the recent sales in your area. Is your property unique when compared to the other listed properties in your neighborhood?

Are there a lot of properties in the market? Even if you research, it’s great to have an expert in your corner.

Their experience and knowledge can provide you with insight on when is the best time to sell a house in your neighborhood. Experts such as this company can help you sell your house fast for the price you want.

Bottom Line

Listing your property at the best time of year to sell a house is a must to get the most out of your investment. It will depend on your neighborhood. But, the rules of thumb are staying away from selling during the summer season and consider hiring an expert to help you.

Want to learn more about selling and listing your property? Check out our blog for more interesting articles.

Sell Your House

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