The Concert You’ve Always Wanted To Go To: 5 Tips To Enhance Your Experience

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Concert Experience

Posted: 10 August 2017

Concerts can be an awesome experience – if they’re done right. We’ve all been to a horrible concert where we almost got trampled on and ended up with a ton of bruises and can’t remember why.

If you’ve finally scored tickets to see your favorite band or artist, you don’t want to miss out on these tips. They’ll make sure you have an awesome concert experience!

1. Research Your Seat

If you’re not about the mosh pit life and are more comfortable enjoying a concert sitting down, figure out what you’re in for. Investigate how far away you’ll be from the stage and if you’ll be able to see the band at all.

Some seats are located behind the stage, while others have an obstructed view. Make sure you read the specifications of your concert tickets to make sure your seat is where you want it to be.

2. Arrive Early

Nothing would suck as much as not getting into the venue on time and missing the opening song. That is usually one of the best ones!

If you really want to skip out on the opening artist, don’t. You never know what delays you’ll experience getting to the venue, and you don’t want to risk getting there after the doors have closed or the artist has already played your favorite song.

Play it safe and get there early!

3. Be Aware

Being aware of your surroundings is crucial at this point in history. With attacks happening everywhere and all the time, it’s important to follow a few rules to stay safe.

Make sure you know where the nearest exit to your seat is. Check this beforehand on a map of the venue, if possible.

Once you get there, make sure the security checks are thorough. At your seat, make sure that a police officer is near you and is securing the area.

If there’s an emergency, make sure your group stays together. Do not leave anyone behind, but try to exit the venue as fast as possible!

4. Study the Setlist

If you’re a hardcore fan, this might be right up your alley. Reading up on the set list can help you plan out when to arrive and when you can take those much-needed bathroom breaks!

It’s important to note that some artists follow the same setlist at every performance, while others tend to switch it up every single time.

So, even if you research it beforehand, you might be surprised by what the band actually ends up playing.

5. Don’t Be Rude

Everyone is there to try to enjoy live music from a great band or artist. Don’t be rude!

If you’re blocking someone’s view, do your best to move. If you’re trying to get past the crowd, be respectful.

The people closer to the front probably got there a lot earlier than you did, so don’t expect them to move out of the way for you!

Have a Great Concert Experience!

Now that you know the basics for having a great concert experience, it’s time to rock out! Share these tips with your concert buddies if you want them to have an awesome experience too.

And, if you’re into giveaways, remember that we have given out concert tickets in the past. Who knows, we may well do so again!

Enhance Your Concert Experience

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