Don’t Miss These 4 Best Beaches in San Diego

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best beaches in San Diego

Posted: 1 December 2017

With the sun shining down on the city all year round, San Diego’s beaches are some of the most coveted in Southern California.

There’s something for everyone, from dog-lovers to families. With so many to choose from, though, which are the beaches to visit?

Happily, we’ve come up with our top 4 best beaches in San Diego.

1. La Jolla Shores

With its surfing, swimming, snorkeling, and scenery, La Jolla gets 2 spots on our 4 best beaches in San Diego!

The lovely white-sand beach of La Jolla Shores is great for families and swimmers alike.

The waves are gentle enough for wading and swimming, but surfers just starting out can find great practice waves.

While there’s great food nearby, there’s no boardwalk for a quick bite during the day. Bring your picnic hamper though, and you can lunch on the grassy green carpet of Kellogg Park next door.

After a day at the beach, La Jolla has loads to offer. Check out FunGig for things to do in the local area.

2. La Jolla Cove

Some say it’s the most beautiful place in San Diego, and with that reputation, La Jolla Cove is a popular place for weddings, nature enthusiasts, and beach-goers.

With resident seals, sea lions, and pelicans in the cove, you’re surrounded by wildlife in this breathtaking spot. The waters fade from turquoise to a deep teal, for that perfect photo.

Just beyond that point and the sea is teeming with fish and sea life. In fact, the area has now been included in the La Jolla Underwater Park.

For some of the best snorkeling in San Diego, head down to La Jolla Cove for your fix.

3. Del Mar City Beach

Del Mar City Beach is clean and beautiful, and a haven for families and dog-owners alike.

With its laid-back atmosphere and calm ocean waves, it’s a great place to chill out, whatever the season.

The 2-mile-long stretch of beach is perfect for those early-morning walks to get the blood going, or those lazy sunset strolls to watch the giant orb sink into the sea.

Del Mar City is one of the best beaches in San Diego for another variety of visitor: Dogs. Dog-lovers know how vital it is for their pups to enjoy walks as part of a healthy lifestyle, so why not take them somewhere beautiful you can both enjoy?

4. Mission Beach

Mission Beach is one you cannot miss.

There’s swimming, surfing and a mile of sand open to you at Mission Beach… and then there’s Belmont Park.

An amusement park that opened back in 1925, Belmont Park features old-fashioned classics like the wooden big-dipper that started its life when the doors opened.

There are also heaps of modern amusements, like the increasingly popular Escapology Escape Rooms.

With so much to do, there are hours of fun to be had for all at this Mission Beach institution.

Best Beaches in San Diego – The Takeaway

With its year-round sun, its chilled vibe and great food, San Diego resonates with both its locals and its tourists.

Whether you’re after the surf, a swim, things to do with the kids or just a leisurely stroll along the seashore, San Diego has just the beach for you.

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best beaches in San Diego


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