Full-Time RV Life: Making Money on the Road

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making money on the road

Posted: 31 July 2019

Gone are the days when a trailer-park lifestyle was the topic of jokes and derision. Today, over 1 000 000 people in the USA have opted for a nomadic lifestyle, by embracing RV-living – and they’re loving it!

If you’d like to leave it all behind by hitting the roads in an RV permanently, you’re probably wondering what you’ll do about work while traveling. Never fear, there are plenty of opportunities for making money on the road.

These are just a few of them.

Freelance Writing

If you can string a sentence together with any expertise, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities for remote work.

You could become a freelance copywriter with your own private clients, trawl for jobs on freelance blogging sites like Fiverr, or sign up with a content generation firm.


If you don’t have the skills to write copy, becoming a proofreader is another option. As long as your grammar and spelling are up to scratch, you could earn a decent living from editing other people’s work.

Many companies use outside proofreaders to go over their documents before publication. Most writers like to have a fresh pair of eyes go over their work before they send it to a client.

User Testing

This job involves looking at websites to check if they work correctly and if they are user-friendly.

All you need to do is install the necessary software on your laptop, go through the sites and record your responses to various questions. You’ll get paid for every page you complete.

If you love spending time online, this is a fun and easy way to make some cash.

Making Money on the Road Without the Internet

If none of the above appeals to you, there plenty of jobs out there that are more hands-on. Many businesses employ temporary workers during busy periods.

These jobs could involve things like sales, odd jobs, driving, and even gardening. Some farming jobs, like harvesting, are seasonally driven, with farmers all over the country looking for extra hands on deck at these times.

If you aren’t the kind of person that loves the same-old-same-old every day, picking up piece work as you go along could work for you.

Become an Entrepreneur

As long as you have space, there is a multitude of things that you can sell from your mobile home. Some permanent RVers make their own jewelry, while others buy and sell goods online.

A number of companies offer sales jobs for people on the road. You could end up selling things like RV accessories, which you can market to people in campsites or lifestyle products like cellphone accessories that will sell anywhere.

First Things First

According to Camping Forge, how to make money on the road is only one of the things you need to consider before driving off into the sunset in your RV.

Don’t give up your day job until you’re certain that a nomadic lifestyle is for you.

More About Making Money

The best place to find jobs when you need to make money from your RV is by means of online job boards.

If making money on the road seems a little ‘out there’ for your security-loving sensibilities, there are other ways to improve your current lifestyle.

Take a look at some more of our blog articles for ways to save and earn more wherever you are right now.

making money on the road

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