Should I Get Invisalign? 8 Reasons Why the Answer Could Be Yes!

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Posted: 26 June 2018

Everyone wants a killer smile — it’s the best accessory a person can add to their ensemble.

But, when you have crooked teeth, it can be hard to find the confidence to flash those pearly whites. A lack of confidence in your smile can prevent people from drawing extra attention to their mouth by laughing or talking.

Traditional braces could offer a solution, they are often uncomfortable and highly noticeable.

Regular braces can be especially uncomfortable if you’re above the average age of regular orthodonture. An age that is usually somewhere between the 10 and 14.

Luckily, there’s an alternative to the usual metal-mouth look — Invisalign.

If you’d like to pursue a straighter and more confident smile and are wondering, “should I get Invisalign,” then let us help you make up your mind.

Here are eight reasons why Invisalign may be the perfect choice to suit your orthodontic needs.

1. The Aligners are Removable

Say you have an important event coming up that you want to look your best for, like a wedding or a big meeting.

With traditional braces, you’d be stuck grinning through a metal grate for the entirety of the affair — which might take a toll on your confidence.

But, if you choose to straighten your teeth with Invisalign, you have the option of popping out your aligners and leaving them at home.

Imagine being able to work towards a straighter smile, but not having to worry about having to deal with your braces 100% of the time.

Invisalign offers a lot more freedom than traditional metal braces.

2. Easy To Clean

Because you can remove Invisaligners whenever you want, they’re a lot easier to clean than regular metal wire braces.

Traditional braces need special toothbrushes to help you clean around and under the wires.

Some of these cleaners are notorious for having a sharp end. This could make the already uncomfortable experience of having braces that much worse by stabbing you in the gums.

With Invisalign, you won’t have to worry about having to deal with anything like that.

Pop them out when you brush your teeth, clean them out to prevent bacteria build-up, pop them back in, and enjoy your minty fresh mouth.

3. No Food Limitations

So you want to straighten your teeth without having visible braces.

You could consider lingual braces, which are braces that go behind your teeth. But, you would still face one of the worst aspects of the regular wire brace route — having to miss out on some of your favorite foods.

With regular wire braces, certain foods are off limits.

Foods like popcorn, pizza crust, gummy bears, bagels, apples, and even most nuts are not allowed on the menu for the entire time you wear your braces.

But, if you want to improve your smile while still enjoying all your favorite treats, then you’re in luck.

While certain foods could stain your aligners if enjoyed too often, there aren’t any foods that are off limits to Invisalign users.

So go ahead and order that large pepperoni pie, your aligners can handle the crust no problem.

4. Quickly Straighten Teeth

With traditional braces, it can take years to achieve your perfect smile.

But, with Invisalign, most users will begin to notice a change after a few months.

You’ll still have to wear your aligners for least 20-22 hours every single day. But, the total amount of time you’ll be stuck with your braces will vary depending on the state of your teeth.

That said, the total amount of time will likely be shorter, and more enjoyable than if you were to take the traditional wire brace route.

5. Fewer Follow-Ups

With regular braces, you can expect to spend a good chunk of your treatment at your dentist’s office.

Invisalign does not need regular tightening like traditional or lingual wire braces. Because of this, you won’t have to visit your orthodontist as often during treatment.

Apart from brief checkups every few weeks to make sure your aligners fit right, you’re free to spend your time living your life.

Even so, it’s important to make sure the orthodontist you’re entrusting your smile to is going to do a good job. If you don’t know how to choose an orthodontist, take a quick look at this article.

6. Whiten While Straightening

If you’re going to fix your smile, you might as well go for the full nine yards — and Invisalign can help you do that.

Invisalign aligners can be used as custom whitening trays. Just add your favorite whitener to your aligner and pop it in as usual — it’s that simple.

Remember to completely clean out any excess bleach once you’re done. Leftover bleach could cause uneven coloring.

With Invisalign, you can treat any crookedness or yellowing all at the same time, leaving you with a dazzling style.

7. Comfort is Key

Regular wire braces are designed to be effective — not comfortable.

Sure, they’ll straighten your teeth, but the results could be overshadowed by mouth sores or extreme discomfort.

Invisalign is not just more effective than traditional braces, they’re much more comfortable as well.

It may take you some time to get accustomed to the feeling of having something sitting on top of your teeth. But, once that’s over you’ll be able to completely forget you have braces on at all.

Why deal with a bunch of unnecessary pain when you can get the gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted without any discomfort at all.

8. Practically Invisible

The primary reason people choose Invisalign over regular wire braces is that they’re almost impossible to see.

Traditional braces can be noticeable, even when your mouth is closed. This aspect can take a toll on a person’s confidence — especially if that person is a little beyond the usual age for corrective orthodontic work.

With Invisalign, you can finally get the straighter smile you want without having to put up with prominent braces.

Should I Get Invisalign?

If you’re still wondering, “should I get Invisalign,” the best course of action would be to talk to your dentist.

Most people are candidates for Invisalign. But, those with more extreme crookedness or chronic issues may not be eligible.

If you are qualified, keep in mind that Invisalign is more comfortable and more effective than the traditional wired route. They’re easier to care for, and can even let you whiten while straightening.

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