Go Against the Grain: Phenomenal Wedding Ideas for Unconventional Couples

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Phenomenal Wedding Ideas

Posted: 12 January 2018

No two couples are the same, so no two weddings should be either. If you’re getting ready to tie the knot, you’re probably looking for some phenomenal wedding ideas to get you started.

Stray from the norm and create the ceremony of your dreams with a 360-degree ceremony. Or, if you’re looking for a more intimate setting, have you ever thought about getting married underwater?

There are so many ways to make your day special! Keep reading for some really awesome suggestions.

1. Hire a Painter to Capture Your Moment

When you get married you will want to capture the moment in many ways. Traditionally, couples like to hire a photographer as well as a videographer to document their union.

But if you want to put your own spin on your memories, you should consider hiring a local artist to make a painting of your wedding ceremony. They will be able to capture the magic of your day in every brush stroke and give you a keepsake that is truly artful to put up in your home.

2. Fill Your Rings with Warm Wishes

One of the most phenomenal wedding ideas is to get your guests involved in the ceremony.

A great way to do this is by allowing your guests to hold your rings before they are exchanged and fill them with well-wishes for your marriage. Some people call this a ring warming ceremony.

3. Humorize Your Seating Chart

If you consider your guests to have a good sense of humor, you can really have some fun with your seating charts. Some couples are choosing to scour the internet for unflattering photos of their guests.

They print them and use them on the seating chart. Perhaps Uncle Matt had a really corny mustache in college or Grandpa Paul used to drive a really funky VW Bug. Now is the perfect time to remind everyone!

4. Make a Champagne Swing

Many people have servers and waiters at their receptions, but it can be expensive to pay someone to stand around with a tray of glasses. That is why some couples with phenomenal wedding ideas have decided to make a champagne swing instead.

The champagne swing hangs at a strategic location, or multiple, and is replenished by the waiters at your venue. That way your guests can have access to champagne without having to wait for the line at the bar, and you can save some dollars on event staff.

5. Have a 360-Degree Ceremony

One really great way to make everyone feel involved in your wedding is to seat them in a circle around the couple for the ceremony.

Building some sort of platform for the couple and surround them with their family and friends. They will feel buoyed by the well-wishes of the crowd. It’s an excellent way to enter a new marriage, so try it yourself.

6. Buy Cocktail Napkins with Fun Facts

If you want a personalized feel for your wedding decorations, ordering customized napkins will do the trick.

Try putting fun facts about your relationship with them so that people can get to know more about you.

7. Order Personalized Forks for Your Cake

If you want to have a token from your wedding to hold onto forever, buying personalized forks to eat your first piece of cake with is one of the most phenomenal wedding ideas.

They can be etched with a line from your vows as well as the date. Then every year on your anniversary you can use them to eat a piece of cake and remember your wedding day.

8. Describe Your Dream Menu

If you want to have a really special menu, try sitting down with your future spouse and your caterer to use your favorite foods.

Tell him what your favorite meals are including snacks. Then see what kind of a twist your caterer can put on those ingredients.

9. Honor Your Matchmaker

Bringing two people together is challenging, but when a match is made all of it is worth it. Your matchmaker is going to be the most excited person at your wedding so have a little fun with them.

Try decorating their chair to give them a little credit for their efforts in bringing you to the love of your life. They will feel so appreciated and it is a great way to express your gratitude.

10. Paint Your Tables with Chalkboard Paint

If you want to have a chic wedding and don’t want to spend a lot of money on table decorations, chalkboard paint can be a fun option.

You can draw chargers and label the tables without having to set up any signs or buy expensive plates.

11. Provide Your Guests with Comfort Items

If your wedding is taking place outside on a brisk day it is a good idea to pass out flannel blankets for your guests to use. Likewise, if it is hot outside, giving out personalized fans is a really thoughtful thing to do.

Making small efforts like this to keep your guests comfortable will make for the best wedding ever. Your guests will be so thankful that you thought about them and they will enjoy the keepsake from your ceremony.

12. Create an Infographic about Your Relationship

If you are technically savvy, you should make an infographic about your relationship to share with the guests at your wedding. Include things like where you met, how long you have been together, and what some of the things you like to do together are.

That way even guests who come as a plus one can feel like they know you. Everyone will love to hear your story and an infographic is a great way to present it.

13. Order Your Dream Dress

The best way to ensure you feel unique on your wedding day is to have the right gown. There are so many beautiful styles out there and fabulous designers.

Perhaps try a Ronald Joyce wedding dress. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and will make you feel storybook perfect.

Phenomenal Wedding Ideas for a Perfect Ceremony

Making sure that your day is perfect will be a challenge, but you will be so happy with the results if you use any of these phenomenal wedding ideas.

For more life tips and suggestions, check out our blog!

Phenomenal Wedding Ideas

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