Life Hacks for First Time Dog Owners

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First Time Dog Owner

Posted: 29 September 2017

Think you’re ready to be a first-time dog owner?

It can be as challenging as it is exciting. But before you bring your new little guy home, there’s a whole new world of supplies you’ll need.

Whether it’s dog food, brushes, and combs, a crate, leashes or any other of the items that will prove themselves indispensable, a well-stocked house is only the first step in being prepared.

The first time dog owner will find themselves in unique situations. Here are five hacks to help you get prepared.

The Hair Is Everywhere

Trying to clean up dog fur is an industry unto itself. It seems that the fur can and does get into everything. Lucky for you, we have two quick tips for getting your surfaces clean and tidy quickly.

Squeegee That Carpet

Running a bathroom squeegee across the carpet helps gather much of the fur on the floor. This is a real help when it comes to keeping your vacuum cleaner free from clogs.

The hairs can easily get caught in the rollers. Instead, drag a squeegee across the carpet to remove the offending fur before it can cause trouble.

If the Glove Fits

To get fur off of your chairs and couches, just slide on a rubber or latex glove, wet it, and drag it along the surfaces. The glove attracts the hairs, making it easy to simply wipe away the mess.

The Power of Baking Soda

No matter how vigilant you are about taking your new pup out for a walk, accidents will happen. The first time dog owner may be flustered, but your kitchen pantry offers the perfect solution.

Sprinkle baking soda onto the stain, covering it. After it drys out, simply vacuum up the mess. The baking soda will absorb all the moisture while also neutralizing the smell.

Your dog’s crate is one area that can definitely benefit from this trick. If an accident happens, this is likely to be where it happens. Check out Pet Crates Direct for different options to house your pet.

It’s Always Time to Eat

Finding storage for dog food can be a challenge, especially in an already packed kitchen.

A simple solution to manage your dog’s feedings is to use a water pitcher for dispensing food. It allows you to be both organized and tidy while also being an incredibly easy way to fill the dog bowl.

Something to Chew On

If you have a dog that seems to suffer from teeth sensitivity, you don’t need to worry. Whether it’s from age or simply due to weak teeth, simply adding some water or chicken broth to your dog’s food will soften it up. Microwave it for 25-30 seconds and the texture will be much easier for your dog to manage.

You’ll still want to connect with a veterinarian if you notice problems eating, but at least you’ll have a quick and easy solution to save you from buying specialized foods.

Final Thoughts for the First Time Dog Owner

Owning a dog is a rewarding and fulfilling experience that brings along its own challenges and difficulties.

Establishing a set of practices and protocols will help you start on the right foot. Using the pet ownership hacks listed above, you’ll be well positioned to focus on the more important parts of having a dog, by which we mean getting to know your new best friend.

If you have any other life hacks for the first time dog owner, let us know in the comments.

First Time Dog Owner Life Hacks

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